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Coming Soon to a screen near you..


Site goes live on October 1st, it’s about time!



99 days left till Christmas on the wall, 99 days till Christmas. One day passes by and nothing gets done. 98 days left till Christmas. *gulp*   Yup… this is me trying not to freak out by singing a wee little song… Ideally we would like to leave in the New Year and thus should […]

Epic Fail on Litter Kwitter


It saddens me to report that we did not get any gold stars for toilet training our cats. Here are 4 reasons why: 1) 2 cats. 1 toilet. Cats don’t like to go to the bathroom in the exact same spot as the other cat and since the circumference of the LITTER KWITTER training disc […]

We love our cats… will you take them?

What if they could use a toilet? That’s right! A toilet! I know… ridiculous isn’t it? But pure awesome all at the same time!! We’ve been on the hunt to find a solution to one of our main concerns for our big trip. What are we going to do with our cats? Sounds easy. All […]

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