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World Domination Plans

n these powerful locations I envision strong focused individuals with the confidence that they will take over the world, sitting in large sinister looking black chairs around a mighty table doing the the Mr Burns “excellent” motion with their hands.

I feel so adult

Last night I spent 3 hours of my life sorting out receipts, filling out forms, and stuffing envelopes. Made me think of those movies with the typical scene of the Dad sitting in his office frowning and sorting out the bills while the child is trying to get his attention. “Look Dad! Look! I painted […]

Survey Says: It’s how you use it

If we were talking about a 7lb laptop that was a slower speed, sure it would. If you wanted to just throw the Air into a bag and carry it around to be sexy, sure that would work. But me, I think it’s all about how you use it and getting a far better experience and satisfaction is more important, isn’t it?

Does Size Matter?

Scott won a contest at his job. He is one of the 4 top outbound sales reps in his company and gets to select 1 pre-selected prize package worth $2000 each.  The Prize Package choices are: Macbook Air & Iphone 46″ Flat Panel LCD plus Blue Ray Disc Player 32″ Flat Panel LCD, Play Station […]

Lesson Learned


We learned some things this past weekend when we went for a walk to test out our back packs. 1) Make sure you return your library books on time! Our account was set up for some reason to not call or email us when our books were over-due. Thus creating some crazy late charges! Of course the […]

The Weekend Plan!


It’s 1pm on Saturday and so far we have completed one thing. Next up, go to CIBC, Grocery Store, and the Library and test out our new back packs at the same time.

Another week has past


And it’s time for the weekend! We don’t have much planned this weekend… looks like a date night tonight of dinner and a movie. Work on writing some content for our About Us, The Trip, etc sections. Probably some grocery shopping and we can’t forget some relaxing time! Thinking we might also go take our […]

Slumdog Millionaire


Scott and I went and saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. You might of heard about it if you haven’t seen it as it’s won a bunch of awards at the Golden Globes and is nominated for another handful at the Oscars coming up.  It’s about a 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai who is […]

Site Completion? Almost.


Hey guys, we finally have received the final files for the website from our coder. Hooray!!! To ensure you are viewing the most up to date version please refresh/reload this page and run your updates. If you are experiencing floating roll-overs at the top this means you don’t have the most up to date browser […]

2009 – F*ck Yeah!

Happy New Years everyone! We hope everyone brought in 2009 with a bang surrounded by loved ones.  Our new years was spectacular. We rented a cabin in Windermere B.C. with a bunch of friends for 4 days filled of partying, relaxing, winter activities, and even a deep fried turkey. It was really nice to spend some […]

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