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10 Travel Blogs We Give Two Thumbs Up


Includes is our top 10 list of travel blogs that we ready. These are the ones that help inspire us, give us ideas and are a pleasure to read!

Happy Easter!

Just like that the weekend is already here! Even better it’s a long weekend! This weekend we are mostly focusing it on family time. Laurie and Scott’s Dad are in town from Calgary so we really want to make sure we see them as much as possible as it will be the last time until […]

5 Things About Last Weekend

  5 THINGS WE DID THIS PAST WEEKEND THAT ARE NOT ON OUR GIANT LIST Went out and paid for food 3 times. Friday: Beer & Nachos plus Donuts & Coffee. Sunday: Beer, Poutine & Nachos and then some Hamburger and Fries later Completely avoided posting auctions on ebay by opting to go for a walk or watch TV […]

31 Days to build a better blog – pt 1. Elevator Pitch


Our 31DBB first post!

New Photo plugin


We were looking for a gallery feature on this site for everyone to view our pictures, without sending you off to Flikr land to never return! I’m happy to say I was just browsing one of the travel sites I’ve been reading – – and saw they were using what I was looking for! […]

Check out this progress!

Over the weekend we spent about 1/2 a day going through our storage locker pulling out all the stuff we need to sell and get rid of. Of course during that process you end up organizing the storage locker itself. It looks great and now has a bunch of room for us to pack some […]

Giant List


We still have a lot left to do… In no particular order… CONTINUE TO SAVE MONEY! – Write out our “The Trip” page Sell stuff on ebay & craigslist: -Go through storage locker and bring up everything to sell -Clean, take photo, and organize all items -Post items up on ebay and craigslist Do our […]

Hair Dilemma


Most girls go through the driving conundrum of bangs or no bangs…. I went through this awhile ago and went with the decision to cut them. Since then my bangs drove me nuts. They have just finally gotten long enough that I can get them back into a pony tail and couldn’t be happier about it. But can you believe I […]

Distractions, Distractions…


Scott and I  barely ever find time to work on our preparations during the week as we get distracted by simple things such as: Making dinner, cleaning the apartment, feeling tired, hanging out with friends and having fun. Our week nights often go like so: I get home around 5:30 pm. I start to do […]

There is always an excuse

It’s so easy to decide you want to be more healthy and get into shape. It’s probably one of the most easiest decisions on the planet. Who doesn’t want to feel and look good? But the actions to actually go through with that decision is the complete opposite! Good intentions are always there but there is always […]

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