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Get Loaded in the Park and other London plans

A festival called Get Loaded in the Park is the sole reason we suddenly have confirm some of our Europeans plans. Because really… a festival with a name like that sounds like a party that can’t be missed!   Get Loaded in the Park is a one day outdoor festival in London. Located at Clapham Common […]

Medical Insurance Abroad?

While we complain about our healthcare costs and wait times, if anything ever happens to me in Canada I know that our medical system will take care of it – at no cost to me. … Of course this is different in other countries around the world where we will be traveling and now we’re faced with a dilemma of what to do.

Not the Needle! Anything but that!!

We just had to experience one part of our trip preparations we have been dreading the most. Getting our vaccines!  Both Scott and I have issues when it comes to needles. We both turn our heads if they show someone getting injected on TV. Scott couldn’t even remember the last time he has received a […]

Riding the Roller Coaster of Trip Preparations


This roller coaster we are on continues to get more extreme the closer and closer we get to a departure. Super steep hills, filled with tons of white knuckle turns and hair raising drops. Our plans move forward but yet the at same time I feel like we are going in circles and getting no where. […]

Never Ending Renos

One of our friends told us a few years ago:

“Once you begin renovations to your home, you are never done. It’s a never ending project….”

Tra la la la la la la la la la……

Skype on my iPhone .. in Canada!

How to install iPhone Skype application in Canada

A Map For Saturday


I really enjoyed watching this documentary. It took me through the variety of emotions I’m feeling currently about our upcoming trip and opened my mind to thoughts that have not even crossed my mind yet.

So I want to leave for a year…


I really wasn’t sure how this meeting was going to go. It could go either very good or very bad….

Finding Prospects in the Alley

Awhile ago Scott had to meet this girl in a alley by our place and complete a transaction. Yup, sounds scummy doesn’t it?

Announcement: The cat has left the bag.

Words that come out of my mouth are never practiced or pre-thought out. They just happen. Only once have I ever written down what I was going to say before I said it. My wedding vows. Which were created very last minute. It was 3 am the day before my wedding and I wrote them in bed. I always left my homework to the last minute as well. So of course that means I entered into that meeting with my boss not prepared at all.

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