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Wishing our cats could carry backpacks and join us

IMG_1196, originally uploaded by Here is our cat Charlie laying on top of our travel documents and to do pile. Notice the very content I’m not listening face as Scott asks “What do you think your doing?” It might of been slightly our faults as we placed these documents in the only place of […]

Range of emotions while we are down to the wire


Currently feeling quite a range of emotions these last few days. Pretty much you name I probably feel it. Excitement for our adventure ahead, Exhilarated and non-stressed from not working anymore, Sad when I look at my cats and when my friends/family say they are going to miss me, Overwhelmed with making sure everything we need to do before […]

Kiss me baby, we’re going to Ireland!

Scott and I thought some luck might be a handy thing to have on our trip… so we have made our first destination: Dublin, Ireland! We shall try and find some four leaf clovers and hopefully catch a leprechaun! We could sure use his pot of gold!   Our tickets are booked, seats reserved and […]

Things are on the up and up… and soon enough on our way out!!!


In the blink of an eye our trip planing frustrations have begun to diminish and we can see the end of this roller coaster ride! Lots of things to report. First and foremost: We are now showing our condo to potential renters! Yup, that’s right finally we have gotten somewhere with our condo board and being allowed […]

Top 10 Favorite Travel Quotes


A top 10 list of my favorite travel quotes.

A beef with our International Drivers Licenses


WTF is up with the size of a Canadian International Drivers License? They are actually bigger then a passport! Are other international licenses so big? The second issue we encountered with our licenses was they expire exactly 1 year from the date issued. Which for us is May 21st. One portion of our trip we feel we will really need the license is […]

I took a risk and I like it

A few months ago I posted on here about my hair dilemma.  I decided then that having bangs for the trip was not a good idea. But, since then I have grown more and more hatred for my all the same length hair…. because it was not the same length no matter what I tried to […]

The Dangers of Mosquitos

Mosquitos are estimated to transmit disease to more then 700 million people annually in Africa, South American, Central America, Mexico and much of Asia with millions resulting in death. These diaseases include: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and West Nile. The last thing we want to experience on our trip is a nasty disease like those! Precautions must be made to […]

No Fun Conclusion… okay maybe there was a bit of fun…


Our 4 day “no fun” long weekend has come and gone… however soon enough we will be living a long weekend for an entire year. As you saw from our last post we had a long list of things to do… we got some things done but not nearly as much as on that list. […]

No Fun May Long Weekend

no fun allowed

Originally we planned to go out to Nelson this weekend to help our friends start to setup the Village stage at Shambhala, a music festival we go to each year. Unfortunately we have so much to do and so little time so we’ve decided that we’re going to stay in Vancouver and get stuff done. […]

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