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5 travel diseases your most likely to meet on the road

The website for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reads like a horror story for prospective globe trotters.

Anything from Chikungunya Fever to Schistosomiasis could put you on the sidelines (or worse) when you venture out into the world. Of course, with some simple preventative actions – up-to-date vaccinations; maintaining proper sanitary conditions; or even paying attention to what you touch, eat, smell, etc. – most travelers enjoy good health as they explore foreign lands.

Saving money on the road – booking site review

They search 20 different online booking sites to get you their best prices. Overall I’m happy with their site and will bookmark them with my other companies I use when searching for the best price. Visit and check them out yourself.

Getting golden travel tips from other travelers

We think travel tips that you read from other peoples blogs are a great way to get the lowdown on the best places to go. What about you?

Planning our next leg in Baden-Baden

It’s nice to have some down time to plan things out. With such a busy travel schedule all summer there wasn’t a lot of extra time to do planning ahead of where we’re going to next. So now with a nice break in travel and generous relatives letting us stay at their place until we can easily figured out where to go next. With a strong and free Internet connection, access to a fantastic espresso machine and fresh groceries in the fridge, it was the perfect time to sit down and figure things out.

Dreamers Unite! Our interview with Living the Dream


Our fellow travel blogger friend Jeremy, from Living the Dream (how could we not be friends with a website name like that!?!) has featured us on his new weekly Traveller Spotlight feature.

Shedding Unexpected Pounds


When I was budgeting for this trip, I looked online to see how much items were and figured a decent budget for room, food, beer and entertainment. I looked online and thought I had a grasp on it, but once we hit England the shock of exchange rates really started to get us.

Random Nights with Friends Can Lead to Many Things

Before we knew it we where actually setting dreams into plans. Picking tentative dates, places to go, things we must do, researching events to attend, and then choosing the location to start it all… and of course of all the places in Europe to choose from. We choose Amsterdam to set us off on the right foot.
Finally on a warm summer day in August of 2009 we got off a train in Amsterdam and like it was out of some teenage summer movie we saw our friends down at the end of the walkway with the same travel tired weary smiles as us.

Good Times Have Been Had!!


And there is oh so many more to go! Well, as some of your might of noticed… Scott and I are EXTREMELY far behind in our blog postings. Our anniversary in Venice was on August 5. That makes this blog 2 months behind. Holy crap! We have been some busy travelers. But now we have […]

What to do with your stuff when your homeless


Moving isn’t easy in the first place and it’s even more stressful when you are moving your stuff yet have no home… you enter the large conundrum of what to do with your stuff. Our options were as follows: Rent our condo out as a furnished suite Rent a storage space Sell all of our […]

0 Days!


Just loaded up my igoogle and it told me I have: “0 Days Until You Fly Out Of Canada” Finally the day I have been dreaming about for a long time has finally come! Of course we still have a few last things to do here in Calgary before we jump on that plane…. but […]

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