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Two Words: Do It.

We went to my work’s end of the year party last weekend. It was located at the top of Grouse Mountain and oddly enough both of us had never been up there before even when it’s named as one of Vancouver’s top attractions.  We were quite surprised at how easy it was to get to […]

Dreaming of a White Christmas

 Actually, we don’t need to dream at all. Over the weekend Vancouver was hit with 30 – 70 cm of snow! That is a crazy amount of snow to fall in a 24 hour period. Especially in a city that barely ever gets snow. An example of how bad Vancouver handles snow: The airport shuts down leaving […]

We Won!

Halloween just passed us by and Scott and I decided to go as Spy vs Spy to the party we attended with some friends. I worked on our costumes for about a week in my spare time and the result turned out wicked! So wicked in-fact we won BEST COSTUME!  First time we have ever won a […]

falling asleep


I was falling asleep at my desk this morning. I forgot my “Kick Ass” coffee that my wonderful husband poured for me on the counter. The flyer I’m working on already has it’s look and identity and thus I just have to copy and paste this feature promo’s products into the already created little square […]

It’s in the blood

I slightly sprained my ankle last night while walking with Scott and Alex trying to find a place to stop for dinner. Unsure how I managed to do it.. but it happened. Least it’s not that bad and already feels way better then last night. *knock on wood*  Things like that always happen to me. At least somehow […]

stale cookies


I think the cookies I’m eating are stale. But the nourishment of them to give me some energy is still there. I found them in my desk drawer. Might be why they are stale… I’m having one of those days where I’m tired before I even get to work.

not much to say


  It’s friday and I have successfully got through my first full week back at work! Even to the point that I’m surprised it’s already friday. I also came out victorious and cooked dinner every night this week except for wednesday when we went out to the pub with some new friends. (lots of beer was consumed!) Scott […]

Celebration of Life


What a vacation. It makes me get teary eye just thinking about all the great times  I had with my husband and friends and within my own self. I want to go back. Forever. I want those feelings and moments to be there everyday. If only the world was Shambhala everyday. And not only Shambhala… […]

On the Road to Shambhala


Well, this shall be my last post until we are back from our Shambhala vacation! Truck is all packed and yet again it’s FULL. lol. Oh well it’s supplies for 2 weeks of camping in the mountains (which means clothes for ALL weather types), plus Shambhalaesque stuff (ninja swords, fun fabrics, hover disc, magna doodle […]

Preparations and Explosions


Last night Scott and I did some shopping for supplies needed for Shambhala. Things like headlamps, carabiners, new bulb for the lantern and we got an L.E.D upgrade for our mini maglite! Didn’t know they even had those. Neat!  We had a grocery/drug store shopping list too and got into the Safeway only to leave […]

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