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The Ultimate Birthday Cake

Since we are trying hard to put ourselves on a strict spend less money policy we agreed that for our birthdays we would not get each other gifts as that money can be better spent on our trip. We don’t need anything right now except travel gear and that sort of shopping we want to […]


A huge  HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish out to my fantastic husband. We’ve already celebrated over a decades worth of celebrations together… heres to many more!!  I wish we could of stayed home and cuddled in bed all day… so let’s make sure your next one we spend it relaxing in a hammock under a warm tropical […]


Check out this Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Bread I made for Scott on the weekend as a gift for his birthday. Best Banana Bread I have ever made so far. It’s so tasty!!!

I feel so adult

Last night I spent 3 hours of my life sorting out receipts, filling out forms, and stuffing envelopes. Made me think of those movies with the typical scene of the Dad sitting in his office frowning and sorting out the bills while the child is trying to get his attention. “Look Dad! Look! I painted […]

Gift of Inspiration

Special thanks to Scott’s Step Mom, Laurie, for sending us this nice little surprise in the mail!    It now sits on our fireplace mantle under the TV. A place where we will see it every day. Each time I look at it I get a little smile and inspiration to work on achieving our dream!  The […]

Our cats are plotting to kill us

Just took a quick online test to see if our cats are plotting to kill us. Here are the results: Click the image to take the test yourself!

Another week has past


And it’s time for the weekend! We don’t have much planned this weekend… looks like a date night tonight of dinner and a movie. Work on writing some content for our About Us, The Trip, etc sections. Probably some grocery shopping and we can’t forget some relaxing time! Thinking we might also go take our […]

Slumdog Millionaire


Scott and I went and saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. You might of heard about it if you haven’t seen it as it’s won a bunch of awards at the Golden Globes and is nominated for another handful at the Oscars coming up.  It’s about a 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai who is […]

Foggy Days

It’s been foggy here in Vancouver for the past week. And not just a usual early morning fog by a body of water, or an evening fog in a flat farmers field, but an all day fog that just continues to get thicker and thicker.  I read “The Mist” by Stephen King when I was […]

Today’s Tea Fortune

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