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This is our friend from Good luck!

Lost in translation…


10 Travel Blogs We Give Two Thumbs Up


Includes is our top 10 list of travel blogs that we ready. These are the ones that help inspire us, give us ideas and are a pleasure to read!

Happy Easter!

Just like that the weekend is already here! Even better it’s a long weekend! This weekend we are mostly focusing it on family time. Laurie and Scott’s Dad are in town from Calgary so we really want to make sure we see them as much as possible as it will be the last time until […]

Saving the environment = possible death?!?

What gives you life can also give you death.

365 Days of Dee

  I just turned 28 and I’m feeling awesome. My celebrations over the weekend were fantastic. Went out for a mexican dinner on friday, explored the Vancouver Aquarium and then drank some beer on saturday, went for dinner at a friends house then went to our first Signature Sundays event, and then spent the day in […]

Everything is amazing, but nobody is happy.


Comedian Louis CK talks about how amazing technology is.    

Glimpse of the Underground


We were lucky enough to get info to an underground party here in Vancouver’s East Side last friday. “Technically,” it is the first party we have ever attended like this… what a feeling! The night was insane!  Our directions were very loose. On this street, 2 block south of that street then down the alley […]

Covered in Red Dye, Corn Syrup and Dirt

  This is how we spent our saturday. Sweet, sticky and dirty. It was a great experience!  Our friend Alex heard about a low budget zombie movie being filmed that needed some extras. Being the zombie movie lovers we are we signed ourselves up! It was this group of truly amazing/inspiring and highly motivated high school students […]


I found my poor sandal peeking out under a pile of shoes in our front closet. I felt an instant bit of sadness for it. It’s completely squished flat as it waits patiently for the day  it’s gets to grace my feet again on a daily basis. Poor little thing…  I tried to make it (and myself) feel better […]

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