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Furry Friday 13: I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday

We could only get this one picture of him as he was a hyper little pup with quite an early interest in the party life. All he could do was run around us in circles telling us about all these parties he has been to, the ones he plans to go to, the ones he plans to throw, and the band he plans to start. Can you guess what music scene he is into?

Why you gotta kill our dreams?

Hostpapa, did you kill our dreams like Freddy Krueger? We’ve been without internet the last 3 days and have come to find our site is down. All of our posts, pages and comments had vanished. It seems our web host, hostpapa severs went down and around the same time we lost everything and our database […]

Furry Friday #12: Cutest Pom’s found in the Land of Smiles

We met a family of pretty darn cute Pomeranians during our stay at Sam’s Place in Kanchanaburi. The youngest, BeeBo, is competing in this years “Who’s the Cutest Pomeranian?” contest.

Furry Friday #11: Please adopt me at the Chatachuak Weekend Market!

You can help save these three loveable chihuahua’s from a life humility by heading over to Bangkok’s Chatachuak Weekend Market and adopting them! While your there make sure to check out the rest of this massive market that covers over 35 acres with over 5000 stalls! You can find anything and everything you need (from clothes to livestock), all with an eager Thai ready to do the bargain game on a calculator.

Furry Friday #10: Give Me a Kiss!

She is a happy cow that lives in Thailand. She shares her happiness with others by giving kisses to anyone that deserves it.

…Enjoyed the shared happiness and thanks for tuning into this weeks instalment of Furry Friday!

Bell Olympics iPhone App


Out here in Thailand, there’s no news of the olympics at all. We haven’t found it on tv yet, but hope in Chiang Rai we can find a sports pub to watch the final hockey games. Luckily I just found a great iPhone app from Bell of all people, and it’s wicked. Pulling up the […]

10 places to eat in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.

If your going to Vancouver for the Olympics and are looking for some tips on where to eat from a local, try these out.

Furry Friday #9: Happy Birthday!

This weeks furry friday is dedicated to a long time furry friend of mine who just celebrated his birthday on the 10th. Someone I hold very special to my heart, someone who is a hero in my eyes, and someone who makes me laugh. We’ve spent many a years with each other, through thick and thin and I feel lucky to share my life experiences with them. This furry friend is none other then our infamous Scott!!

Cairo from a Woman’s Perspective

So, I entered Cairo with a very non-educated mind about the Muslim religion and soon found out my assumptions were half correct. Instead, the truth of the hijab is women choose to wear them, and dress they way they do to be treated with respect from men and not only thought as of sex objects. They believe that from the way they dress the men actually meet who they truly are and get to know the person inside first. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it ladies? Almost sounds similar to problems in our western society. How men react to you is, as much as we hate to admit it, a direct result as to how our men treat us. Dress like trash and guess who is treated like trash? Dress sexy and guess what thoughts are going through their minds? Etc, etc.

Furry Friday #8: A Foxy Brand Whore!

Later in the night during a stealthy Ninja pee mission, Scott and I spotted some some little poop-turds that were not there the last time we did a similar mission. Upon further inspection we ended up finding one lonely shoe amongst the poop trail, a green Puma street shoe! Knowing how much the Puma brand can cost someone and how much owners of Puma products love their possessions we picked up the shoe and brought it back to camp.

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