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21 hour travel day turns to 42 hours of utter hell

Ever have one of those days? Those days that everything seems to go wrong? Monday, April 26th 2010 was one of those days. Today reminded me of a scene in the movie Benjamin Button. That if just one damn thing went right it would have changed the entire outcome. But instead, it turned into the worse day of travel in 300 days around the world.

21 hour travel day, here we come…

Our travel back home involves a total of 17 hours in the air. With 4 connections that means a grand total of a 21 hour travel day! Yikes! To think we used to moan at 9 hour days… Luckily we have our upcoming adventures to look forward to plus more!

Furry Friday 18: Bedside Kitty

There is nothing better in this world than having your kitty come brighten your day when your feeling under the weather.

Furry Friday 17: No Shame

The pictures say enough. Happy Furry Friday Everyone!

One thing I never expected

I never expected during our travels I would be standing in the Koh Samui airport waiting to see my parents faces on the arrivals walkway. But there I was, waiting for their delayed plane and feeling quite excited.

Furry Friday 16: Think of the kittens!

Because if I can’t get the training to save the world, what’s going to happen to those cute kittens?

I need your help to save the world!


I know, I know. The title says “save” the world and the sign says “take over” the world. But really, when I take over the world it will be saving it. Have you ever watched your Members of Parliament, Senators or whatever your elected figures are on TV? It’s seriously like watching a bunch of children debate.

Our Canon G10 and the Dicapac: A match made in H20

When we were preparing for our year long trip, we looked long and hard for the perfect camera. Something that would take great night and day shots, had good color, and shot in RAW for the best possible effect. We chose the Canon G10 and have been super happy with it.

Furry Friday 15: Aren’t you a little too old for that?

We see some strange things during our travels while walking around and this has to be one of the strangest.

Furry Friday 14: Yarr, we meet ye a pirate!

He had an extremely harsh voice from being out at sea for ages, it reminded of those Fishermen’s Friend commercials I used to see on TV when I was a kid.

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