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Saving money on the road – booking site review

They search 20 different online booking sites to get you their best prices. Overall I’m happy with their site and will bookmark them with my other companies I use when searching for the best price. Visit and check them out yourself.

Banksy nominated for an Academy award

Banksy is nominated for his work on his feature film documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. This alone makes me want to watch the acadmy awards on Feb 27th.

Scott’s birthdays at home vs. last years birthday on the road

For Scott’s birthday last year we rented a couple scooters to whiz around the sleepy town of Chiang Pai to see the all the sights. But, more importantly, we rented said scooters so we could go on an adventure to buy some moonshine!

Happy New Years 2011

ola! Happy New Year

Happy New Years 2011 everyone! A few thoughts in the first few days of the year.

Christmas ornaments from our RTW trip

Scott and I made a tradition to get something to hang in our Christmas tree from each place we travel too. We started this on our honeymoon 4 years ago and since then we’ve filled the tree pretty quick with all the ornaments we gathered from our recent round the world adventure.

Furry Friday 26: Backpackers with a furry heart of gold

A pair of kittens will forever be thankful to a pair of backpackers with a furry heart of gold.

Furry Friday 25: Bungalows or Cow Pasture?

At “The Otherside Bungalows” in Vang Viang, Laos we quickly learned that the plot of land all the bungalows were on was also a cow pasture.

Travel Photography Roulette Round 3: Street Art

Berlin, Germany

Scott and I were the Round 2 winners of the great new game, Travel Photography Roulette! Which means we get to host Round 3. Come check it out and enter your best Street Art photo!

Furry Friday 24: Beach Friends

While Scott and I have been cranking up the heat, turning on the fireplace, and putting on all the warm clothes we can find we’ve been thinking about the places we were enjoying this time last year. Places like the beaches you find on the islands in the south of Thailand…

A new look for us: What do you think?

We felt needed a makeover. So, here it is! What do you think?

Change is good.

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