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Welcome to the dream…


Traveling has always excited me, and I’ve always dreamed of far away places and different people. I’ve always been an observer and take interest in how humans interact with each other. It amazes me the ways we communicate, whether it’s with words, sounds, music, symbols, gestures, motions, etc. There’s a million different ways to send information […]

We love our cats… will you take them?

What if they could use a toilet? That’s right! A toilet! I know… ridiculous isn’t it? But pure awesome all at the same time!! We’ve been on the hunt to find a solution to one of our main concerns for our big trip. What are we going to do with our cats? Sounds easy. All […]

Little Unsure

I’m a little unsure in this whole wordpress thing… it feels so foreign to me! Hopefully Scott and I can figure out how to make this do what we want it to do.

The first WP test


So this is the start, the first.. the beginning. This is the first wordpress test message, and it’ll be interesting to see how the format is going to come out. One small step for man… this is a test of strike the blog.. I never really liked it when people used strike through’ s  

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