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Our 7 Links you might not know about

Check out 7 links from our site you may be interested to read!

Top 10 Reasons why TBEX 2011 Sucked

Top 10 reasons why TBEX 11 Vancouver sucked!

Travel Photography Roulette Round 3: Street Art

Berlin, Germany

Scott and I were the Round 2 winners of the great new game, Travel Photography Roulette! Which means we get to host Round 3. Come check it out and enter your best Street Art photo!

A new look for us: What do you think?

We felt needed a makeover. So, here it is! What do you think?

Change is good.

Lazy Saturday Video: Life Cycle of the Plastic Bag


One thing you can find all over the world is plastic bags. They have almost become their own species. A species with a propose that eventually causes havoc on our environmental systems to the point it becomes a pest.

Why you gotta kill our dreams?

Hostpapa, did you kill our dreams like Freddy Krueger? We’ve been without internet the last 3 days and have come to find our site is down. All of our posts, pages and comments had vanished. It seems our web host, hostpapa severs went down and around the same time we lost everything and our database […]

Trafalgar Square, your location for the arts in London

It was a chance for anyone to show off their secret talents, voice an opinion, start a protest, dance, be naked, teach, advertise, or even just sit up there and talk on their phone while they video tape the people below. With 2,400 individual performances you can just imagine the variety of personalities that were brave enough to share themselves with the people of London.

Scott’s a lumberjack and he’s okay!

One of the smallest spaces we got to share with Karen and Steve was a private dorm for 4 with shared bathroom at the Generator hostel in London. It even seemed smaller then a tent trailer! Our small room in the generator had 2 bunk beds and a sink with about a meter wide x 6 feet long floor space. Needless to say we all took turns getting ready, one person gets ready and grabs their stuff while the rest sit on their bed and wait their turn.

Dreamers Unite! Our interview with Living the Dream


Our fellow travel blogger friend Jeremy, from Living the Dream (how could we not be friends with a website name like that!?!) has featured us on his new weekly Traveller Spotlight feature.

I lose the game


1 point for Heather!

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