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365 Days of Dee

  I just turned 28 and I’m feeling awesome. My celebrations over the weekend were fantastic. Went out for a mexican dinner on friday, explored the Vancouver Aquarium and then drank some beer on saturday, went for dinner at a friends house then went to our first Signature Sundays event, and then spent the day in […]

Distractions, Distractions…


Scott and I  barely ever find time to work on our preparations during the week as we get distracted by simple things such as: Making dinner, cleaning the apartment, feeling tired, hanging out with friends and having fun. Our week nights often go like so: I get home around 5:30 pm. I start to do […]

Glimpse of the Underground


We were lucky enough to get info to an underground party here in Vancouver’s East Side last friday. “Technically,” it is the first party we have ever attended like this… what a feeling! The night was insane!  Our directions were very loose. On this street, 2 block south of that street then down the alley […]

There is always an excuse

It’s so easy to decide you want to be more healthy and get into shape. It’s probably one of the most easiest decisions on the planet. Who doesn’t want to feel and look good? But the actions to actually go through with that decision is the complete opposite! Good intentions are always there but there is always […]

World Domination Plans

n these powerful locations I envision strong focused individuals with the confidence that they will take over the world, sitting in large sinister looking black chairs around a mighty table doing the the Mr Burns “excellent” motion with their hands.


I found my poor sandal peeking out under a pile of shoes in our front closet. I felt an instant bit of sadness for it. It’s completely squished flat as it waits patiently for the day  it’s gets to grace my feet again on a daily basis. Poor little thing…  I tried to make it (and myself) feel better […]

The Ultimate Birthday Cake

Since we are trying hard to put ourselves on a strict spend less money policy we agreed that for our birthdays we would not get each other gifts as that money can be better spent on our trip. We don’t need anything right now except travel gear and that sort of shopping we want to […]


A huge  HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish out to my fantastic husband. We’ve already celebrated over a decades worth of celebrations together… heres to many more!!  I wish we could of stayed home and cuddled in bed all day… so let’s make sure your next one we spend it relaxing in a hammock under a warm tropical […]


Check out this Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Bread I made for Scott on the weekend as a gift for his birthday. Best Banana Bread I have ever made so far. It’s so tasty!!!

Spring is near!

While we were walking to go see Caroline 3D, I noticed the flowers are starting to come out. I love how Vancouver has a short winter and early spring!

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