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Lazy Saturday Video: Life Cycle of the Plastic Bag


One thing you can find all over the world is plastic bags. They have almost become their own species. A species with a propose that eventually causes havoc on our environmental systems to the point it becomes a pest.

Reasons we love Pai

We loved Pai so much we ended up staying there for 2.5 weeks! We even bought a sticker to stick on our laptop that will show the world our love for this place. It really is a unique gem in Thailand!

Here is 7 reasons why we loved it so much.

3 “Must Do’s” While Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

Our list of top 3 things to do in Copenhagen

Finding Prospects in the Alley

Awhile ago Scott had to meet this girl in a alley by our place and complete a transaction. Yup, sounds scummy doesn’t it?

Saving the environment = possible death?!?

What gives you life can also give you death.

Earth Hour: What did you do?

What did you do for Earth Hour? Scott and I turned off all our lights and electronics and headed over with a shoulder bag full of beer to our friends Mike and Amber. The plan… spend the evening drinking by candle light.  We were running a bit late and didn’t end up leaving our place […]

Reminder! Earth Hour is tonight.


  Don’t forget to vote for earth tonight and turn your lights off from 8:30 to 9:30 tonight! Light some candles, have some drinks, play some board games and enjoy the company of others. If you missed our post with details in regards to this check it out here.

Vote Earth 2009


    This years Earth Hour has a new spin to it. It is being transformed into the world’s first global election between Earth and Global Warming. Turning your lights off between 8:30 – 9:30 PM on March 28th, 2009 is your vote for Earth. Keeping them on is your vote for global warming. WWF is hoping […]

I feel like I ate a dutch person

I try it out and to my great surprise it tastes like Dutch candy…..

I don’t like Dutch candy!!!

A Canadian Meal?

Happy Canada Day Everyone! To celebrate Canada Day today we decided to pick up some Thai food and take it to the beach for a picnic. Not a very Canadian meal but in a way it does symbolize what it means to be Canadian. Because really… what is a Canadian meal? Maple Syrup? When I […]

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