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I found my poor sandal peeking out under a pile of shoes in our front closet. I felt an instant bit of sadness for it. It’s completely squished flat as it waits patiently for the day  it’s gets to grace my feet again on a daily basis. Poor little thing…  I tried to make it (and myself) feel better […]

Survey Says: It’s how you use it

If we were talking about a 7lb laptop that was a slower speed, sure it would. If you wanted to just throw the Air into a bag and carry it around to be sexy, sure that would work. But me, I think it’s all about how you use it and getting a far better experience and satisfaction is more important, isn’t it?

Does Size Matter?

Scott won a contest at his job. He is one of the 4 top outbound sales reps in his company and gets to select 1 pre-selected prize package worth $2000 each.  The Prize Package choices are: Macbook Air & Iphone 46″ Flat Panel LCD plus Blue Ray Disc Player 32″ Flat Panel LCD, Play Station […]

Lesson Learned


We learned some things this past weekend when we went for a walk to test out our back packs. 1) Make sure you return your library books on time! Our account was set up for some reason to not call or email us when our books were over-due. Thus creating some crazy late charges! Of course the […]

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping wasn’t very successful.  After adding in the exchange rate and shipping costs the deals weren’t that crazy enough for us to bother purchasing the items we were looking for. We did buy 1 item from Online Canada Store. A high five goes out to them for having the same Black Friday specials […]

What do we need?


Black Friday is this friday in the US. It’s always the day after the US thanksgiving and is stated to be the biggest shopping day of the year with amazing deals, even bigger then Boxing Day. We need to start buying our gear for the trip and thought we should try and make use of these […]

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