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Furry Friday #7: Do we know you?

t was an almost brisk and beautiful autumn day in Baden-Baden, Germany. We were taking a peaceful stroll through the park, admiring the fall colors and crunching the leaves. I remember thinking to myself how I missed our cats and just then we hear a meowing in the distance and turn around. Up the hill was a wee cat running towards us like a scene out of Baywatch, it’s run turning from a gentle pace into a speedy race. He finally reached us and screamed out:

Furry Friday #6 – Start of a New Decade

To start off a new decade we would like to dedicate this Furry Friday to a beautiful couple we know. They traveled for 37 hours to come spend a quick 6 days of quality time together over the New Year holiday.

Furry Friday #5: A Merry Furry Friday

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our families, new and old friends. Make sure to eat some extra turkey for me! And if you have a furry friend, give them an extra hug for being awesome.

Furry Friday #4: The infamous Pamplemousse

Wow, Furry Friday sure sneaks up fast on us! But finally after we have all waited we have our interview completed with the infamous Pamplemousse! Pamplemousse is our friends Karen and Steve’s cat, who we got to hang out with for a bit during our quick visit to Calgary for a wedding before we set off on our adventure.

So here is our email interview with him:

Furry Friday #3: Are we in the Matrix?

Instantly, as Scott and I spied the black and white cat through the gate we both got the feeling we have seen this before… Anyone seen the movie the Animatrix? Remember the one were a girl follows her run away cat into an abandoned building that is claimed to be “haunted” but it’s actually just a glitch in the Matrix that causes all the weird stuff to happen there.

It’s a Furry Friday #2! Or should it be feather?

I can’t beleive it’s already Furry Friday again! Time sure goes by strangely when your traveling. It goes by slow during the day but when you look at it by the week you are always thinking: What? It’s been a week since then?? Due to this traveltimeitis problem our next scheduled Furry Friend didn’t even get his questionnaire emailed to him! So we have had to post pone his interview to next week!

Welcome to our first Furry Friday!

We have decided to start a weekly segment on our blog called Furry Fridays. We have met lots of different furry creatures on our travels and well and decided they can be just as interesting as your run of the mill travel photos. So, each Friday you can expect to lay your eyes on one of our new furry friends, complete with a little biographical story about them.

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