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Essential Clean Up at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is a thrill seekers dreamland with at least 11 Extreme ride to choose from with many smaller rides in between. Arrive with good company to spend many hours in line with, go to the bathroom before you get into any line wait over an hour, PLEASE leave your weak stomach at home, and think about investing into a “fast track” for the most popular coasters.

The Valve Sound System Show Down: Epic Fail!


After hearing Hospitalities Sound at Matter Nightclub, which had better sound than clubs in Vancouver, I was stoked to hear the grand-daddy of all sound systems at a special Valve System showdown at Indigo nightclub at the O2 arena. Walking in with anticipation of gut wrenching bass that you can feel in your spine, I should have known something was up as the sticky floor pulled at my shoes and the sound was a bit off.

Trafalgar Square, your location for the arts in London

It was a chance for anyone to show off their secret talents, voice an opinion, start a protest, dance, be naked, teach, advertise, or even just sit up there and talk on their phone while they video tape the people below. With 2,400 individual performances you can just imagine the variety of personalities that were brave enough to share themselves with the people of London.

An Open Letter to Gordon Ramsay on his restaurant, Maze Grill in London

As the steaks arrived on their fancy cutting board with juice catching reservoir, I have to admit I was excited. Cutting into the tender flesh I was impressed with the prefect cook of the meat, a medium rare to be sure. As I put the steak to my tongue, I expected to taste heaven on a fork for my £28.50.

Scott’s a lumberjack and he’s okay!

One of the smallest spaces we got to share with Karen and Steve was a private dorm for 4 with shared bathroom at the Generator hostel in London. It even seemed smaller then a tent trailer! Our small room in the generator had 2 bunk beds and a sink with about a meter wide x 6 feet long floor space. Needless to say we all took turns getting ready, one person gets ready and grabs their stuff while the rest sit on their bed and wait their turn.

Shedding Unexpected Pounds


When I was budgeting for this trip, I looked online to see how much items were and figured a decent budget for room, food, beer and entertainment. I looked online and thought I had a grasp on it, but once we hit England the shock of exchange rates really started to get us.

Jungle Worship

Before I get to the Jungle Worship… my first order of business is to announce our Liverpool pictures are uploaded to Flickr. Check them out by clicking on this awesome hot link that will send you to flickr land. We’ve used PictoBrowser in the recent past to show the photos as a gallery within our […]

A Little Help from My Friends

It’s really amazing how four people can go out and touch peoples lives and truly make a difference. From their initial pop sound to more of an abstract and on to anti-war sentiments, these people changed the world. And nobody took the mantle on more than John Lennon with his 2 week bed-in as a protest to the Vietnam war.

All you need is Love


The one and only reason we made our way to Liverpool for a couple of days was to explore the city’s many Beatles sights. Liverpool is the city that the Beatles grew up in, practiced and finally made their explosion onto the music scene. Many of their songs have references to the city and since we were so close (Belfast) we took up this opportunity. We came for the music history but were surprised by the people.

Great Walls of Divide in Belfast

I remember when I was young the great celebrations that happened when the Berlin wall came down and East Germans and West Germans exchanged handshakes for the first time. Democracy versus Communism had finished in Germany. I read about protests of the Israeli West Bank barrier all the time. But I had thought that The Troubles in Northern Ireland were finished years ago

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