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The French Know How To Party: Couvre Feu 2009

The term professional partier comes up lots in our dialect. Amongst our group of friends we all love a party and believe we are quite good at it too! We’ve attended many club nights, special events, raves, house parties, concerts and multi day festivals. We have also thrown a good amount of parties ourselves: House parties, huge New Years Bashers, Houseboat Stags, Special Events, club nights, illegal underground raves, and we even had one heck of a wedding that ended with table dancing!

Things to do in Amsterdam: Heineken Experience

If you manage to escape out of the clutches of The Red Light District in Amsterdam, be sure you head straight on over to the Heineken Experience. That is of course if you are of legal drinking age, and like beer!

Netherlands soft drug policy : is it working?


So when we decided that Amsterdam was a go on our list, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be a cesspool of debauchery with junkies on each corner and ruined lives like the conservatives say we’d turn into if we legalized? Or would it be a crime free utopia where children skip in the park by themselves and nobody is addicted to any drugs.

Random Nights with Friends Can Lead to Many Things

Before we knew it we where actually setting dreams into plans. Picking tentative dates, places to go, things we must do, researching events to attend, and then choosing the location to start it all… and of course of all the places in Europe to choose from. We choose Amsterdam to set us off on the right foot.
Finally on a warm summer day in August of 2009 we got off a train in Amsterdam and like it was out of some teenage summer movie we saw our friends down at the end of the walkway with the same travel tired weary smiles as us.

Climbing to the peak in Prague

Prague, Czech Replubic

The day started out perfectly with a delicious breakfast made by Dee. She snuck out early in the morning to the store before I woke up and came back with a feast of crepes with strawberry’s and melted dark chocolate (a substitute for our long lost friend maple syrup), European breads and cheeses, yogurt and juice.


Auschwitz II (Birkenau)

I’ve always been interested in history, particularly the past 100 years. On one side we’ve done amazing things; we’ve traveled faster than any other being on this planet with cars and aeroplanes, flew in space and dived deep in the oceans, improved civil rights around the globe and invented an intraweb of wires that allows you to see this blog now. If there were an opposite side of the coin the WW2 Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps in Poland would be one of them.

Creepy Thrills at Vienna’s Amusement Park

But there was one thing about this amusement park that really stood out as we were walking around and we couldn’t help but feel a bit creeped out. Amongst all the rides there were statues of a really odd nature, the sort that if you lay your eyes upon them as a kid they would burn into your memory forever. The sort of memory burn like that anyone over 25 should’ve gotten from that dark period of kids movies in the 80’s like The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz and Labyrinth. Things that are made for children but look more like a bad acid trip.

A contemporary art museum in Vienna – Mak

Vienna, Austria

A brief glimpse into the Mak – Austrian Museum of Applied arts / Contemporary art.

Getting scammed in a Vienna cafè – Cafe Westend

We had ridden into Prague with a lady from Vienna who had warned us about the cafe’s, that they bring you random food and if you eat it, you pay for it. I hadn’t paid it much thought since she said it but when he dropped off the bowl small alarms started going off.

A hospital in the rock and nuclear bunker in Budapest.

I had watched a travel show last year about Budapest, and one of the parts that intrigued me the most was how the Hungarians used the natural limestone caves in the mountains for hiding while under siege throughout history. These caves also go underneath Buda Castle, a huge 18th century castle that has over 10km of interconnected caves, cellars and tunnels underneath it. With over 100 caves, early residents lived and used these caves for storage and more recently for a hospital and nuclear bunker.

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