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Surprising Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

We had heard from friends that Utrecht was a cool place to check out. Lesser known than Amsterdam, Utrecht still has the same liberal attitudes but a less crazy vibe. And being home to a major university was a plus, as they should have some neat shops and some sort of scene. Plus I needed a new day bag, the small attach-on bags that we have for our backpacks have been considered useless. You can fit 1 thing in them, and then it’s full. It makes me look like I stole a kindergarten kids schoolbag when I wear it.

Searching for Family Roots in Den Haag

Walking up to the address we had, I wanted to see if we could go in their back yard or something.. I didn’t know if we would just be viewed as creepy Canadian mass murderers and dispatched with a wooden shoe or invited in for a tea. As we stood in front contemplating one of their neighbors walked out. I quickly explained our story and he reminded us we came 5000 km’s and should just get on with it.

Saying Goodbye in Amsterdam

We had one last walk through the Red Light District with them, ate some amazing ribs for the 3rd time at this restaurant. Ate there twice on our first visit to Amsterdam, and had been craving them for the past two months. I don’t recall the name but it’s on a main Red Light district street with no canal on it that leads to Dam Square. Some landmarks on the street are the St. Christophers Hostel, a laundry mat and the you just can’t miss it…. Cock Ring. (lol) Once you feel you are on the right street, if you see a green restaurant advertising a RIB SPECIAL, then eat there! They are some of the best ribs (aside from my moms!) I’ve ever eaten.

Things to do in Amsterdam: Heineken Experience

If you manage to escape out of the clutches of The Red Light District in Amsterdam, be sure you head straight on over to the Heineken Experience. That is of course if you are of legal drinking age, and like beer!

Netherlands soft drug policy : is it working?


So when we decided that Amsterdam was a go on our list, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be a cesspool of debauchery with junkies on each corner and ruined lives like the conservatives say we’d turn into if we legalized? Or would it be a crime free utopia where children skip in the park by themselves and nobody is addicted to any drugs.

Random Nights with Friends Can Lead to Many Things

Before we knew it we where actually setting dreams into plans. Picking tentative dates, places to go, things we must do, researching events to attend, and then choosing the location to start it all… and of course of all the places in Europe to choose from. We choose Amsterdam to set us off on the right foot.
Finally on a warm summer day in August of 2009 we got off a train in Amsterdam and like it was out of some teenage summer movie we saw our friends down at the end of the walkway with the same travel tired weary smiles as us.

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