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Happy New Year! Ringing it in with 10 memorable moments over the last year.

Happy New Year. As we look back over the year we’ve done so much, here is a list of our top 10 moments.

Furry Friday #3: Are we in the Matrix?

Instantly, as Scott and I spied the black and white cat through the gate we both got the feeling we have seen this before… Anyone seen the movie the Animatrix? Remember the one were a girl follows her run away cat into an abandoned building that is claimed to be “haunted” but it’s actually just a glitch in the Matrix that causes all the weird stuff to happen there.

AK-47’s and Naughty Squirrels

Our targets

Feeling excited we walk down the bunker stairs… it smells old and dank with a soft aroma of burnt something. We get instructions from what sounded to me like an Russian accent gun lover and the next thing I know its my turn.

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