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3 Times We Felt Like Kings & Queens


Living like King’s and Queen’s in Baden Baden, Sun and Bass on the island of Sardina, and Oktoberfest!

Happy New Year! Ringing it in with 10 memorable moments over the last year.

Happy New Year. As we look back over the year we’ve done so much, here is a list of our top 10 moments.

Frustration Ensues When Traveling from Rome to Barcelona

Licking our cones in satisfaction we look at the board to see what track our train is on, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Not one electronic line of information stated our train number let alone anything saying its destination was Nice. Scott pulls out our reservation ticket to double-check the time and with much swearing advises me he was always looking at the date on the ticket rather then the time!! Our train was actually the one we saw on the board when we first arrived here. Now we just wasted money on our reservation fee and are starting to worry if we can even get to Nice tonight for our hotel reservation with an already paid deposit.

An open letter to Steve Jobs on his choice of Apple Store locations

When the nice lady pointed at Apple Juice, I knew my little grasp of the Italian language wasn’t going to cut it. We’d have to figure it out ourselves, with nothing more than the memory of what the map looked like from your website. It didn’t look too far from what I remember, and we grabbed a couple quick espressos and a bottle of water. Walking out of the store past the five old Italians gambling on a game of poker, I felt confident we’d find the plug and be back downtown Rome in no time. Out on the road we came to a junction with a choice to go either left or right. Left led us into an area with signs of civilization and right led us to the entrance of a busy highway with no sidewalk. So, using our common sense we headed towards civilization with a spring in our step.

Tripping Over History in Rome

Walking through the city of Rome is like walking through a different age, or as our friend James put it, “tripping over history”. You can walk up any street and see a fountain that’s 1,000 years old, a temple that’s 3,00 years old, and a Colosseum that’s 2,000 years old, and many other random remains of the old civilization just lying about. It’s truly amazing exploring this city that was built by a civilization that were more civilized 2,000 years ago than the rest of the Europeans were even 500 years ago. But, after the fall of the Roman Empire around 500AD, the next 1,000 years was pretty brutal for them compared to the 1,000 before them.

Enjoying the Sun & Bass in Italy

None the less, our week there was off the charts. We rented ourselves a great little condo to share, drank way too much cheap wine, made some great meals, sunbathed on the beach, laughed our asses off, and danced to some great music in the most classy venues we think any junglist will ever see.

Problems using our Eurail pass in Venice

More than a bit frustrated, we went down to an internet cafe to see if we could book online. We found a Eurail fare for €55 each that was part of our Globalpass, but didn’t think that was correct as the full fare was only €110. We didn’t book the tickets because we wanted to talk to the train office the next morning to verify these prices, it shouldn’t be so much.

I’ll take you Right into the Danger Zone…


While wandering the streets of Venice, we stumbled across a Russian art exhibition called the “Danger Museum”. I’m glad we did as it had some thoughtful artwork with artists Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov from Russia.

Venice, City of Romance for our anniversary.


How can you not go to the city of romance for your anniversary when your so close to it? Even though we were going to Italy later in the summer with our friends for a music festival. We were never going to go to Venice with them so it was a great chance to experience […]

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