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Happy New Year! Ringing it in with 10 memorable moments over the last year.

Happy New Year. As we look back over the year we’ve done so much, here is a list of our top 10 moments.

Frustration Ensues When Traveling from Rome to Barcelona

Licking our cones in satisfaction we look at the board to see what track our train is on, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Not one electronic line of information stated our train number let alone anything saying its destination was Nice. Scott pulls out our reservation ticket to double-check the time and with much swearing advises me he was always looking at the date on the ticket rather then the time!! Our train was actually the one we saw on the board when we first arrived here. Now we just wasted money on our reservation fee and are starting to worry if we can even get to Nice tonight for our hotel reservation with an already paid deposit.

Our one regret about Paris

If there are two things that Paris taught us; always practice the RFN law (right f’ing now) but watch out for your hunger, as that will over rule all!

Seeing the Louvre in an afternoon

With over 100,000 objects located in over 652,300 square feet, the world famous Louvre is a treasure to both humanity and France. But one thing that people constantly state is that you “can’t see the Louvre” in a day which I completely disagree with.

Drinking undercover in front of the Eiffel Tower


We all have that list inside our mind. The list of things you want to do and see in this life. Some things are easy to check off, others require a bit of work, and some might never happen. One thing on my list is to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and drink wine while eating bread and cheese.

Stealing skulls from the Catacombs in Paris?

Walking through the dark passageways is a bit creepy, with up to millions skulls looking at you. The arrangements are from standard femur and skull structures to patterns of skulls in different symbols to mini rooms with models carved out of stone by the previous miners in dedication to ones who lost their lives.

Living dangerously in Paris : The Village Hostel

Worst place we stayed. Broken bunk bed. Mattress on the floor. Craptastic futon. Sketchy ass stairwell to get to it. It had a super nice kitchen and bathroom.

So when the owner told us that we were upgraded to an apartment from a 4 bed dorm, my expectations raised. Here’s what we got upgraded to:

Our own Tour de France


If you find yourself in Bayeux going to one of the Normandy beaches, I’ll give you a hint everyone forgot to mention to us. Don’t ride a bloody bike unless you’re used to being on one for such long distances! Instead, rent a scooter if you can find one. It would be much more enjoyable and your ass won’t feel as if it belonged to an East Van hooker for the next couple of days.

The French Know How To Party: Couvre Feu 2009

The term professional partier comes up lots in our dialect. Amongst our group of friends we all love a party and believe we are quite good at it too! We’ve attended many club nights, special events, raves, house parties, concerts and multi day festivals. We have also thrown a good amount of parties ourselves: House parties, huge New Years Bashers, Houseboat Stags, Special Events, club nights, illegal underground raves, and we even had one heck of a wedding that ended with table dancing!

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