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Creepy Thrills at Vienna’s Amusement Park

But there was one thing about this amusement park that really stood out as we were walking around and we couldn’t help but feel a bit creeped out. Amongst all the rides there were statues of a really odd nature, the sort that if you lay your eyes upon them as a kid they would burn into your memory forever. The sort of memory burn like that anyone over 25 should’ve gotten from that dark period of kids movies in the 80’s like The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz and Labyrinth. Things that are made for children but look more like a bad acid trip.

A contemporary art museum in Vienna – Mak

Vienna, Austria

A brief glimpse into the Mak – Austrian Museum of Applied arts / Contemporary art.

Getting scammed in a Vienna cafè – Cafe Westend

We had ridden into Prague with a lady from Vienna who had warned us about the cafe’s, that they bring you random food and if you eat it, you pay for it. I hadn’t paid it much thought since she said it but when he dropped off the bowl small alarms started going off.

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