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Oktoberfest – The worlds greatest party?

I read on Matt’s facebook that he was headed out to Oktoberfest in Munich and I became jealous. Two years ago Dee, Karen, Steve and I went to Munich and Oktoberfest. What an amazing time wearing out our drinking arms and holding onto our hats through the 5 loops of the rollercoaster. I had some of the best food there, pulled wild boar on a bun and goose with dumplings. The Germans know how to eat, drink and party!

Banksy nominated for an Academy award

Banksy is nominated for his work on his feature film documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. This alone makes me want to watch the acadmy awards on Feb 27th.

Christmas ornaments from our RTW trip

Scott and I made a tradition to get something to hang in our Christmas tree from each place we travel too. We started this on our honeymoon 4 years ago and since then we’ve filled the tree pretty quick with all the ornaments we gathered from our recent round the world adventure.

Furry Friday #7: Do we know you?

t was an almost brisk and beautiful autumn day in Baden-Baden, Germany. We were taking a peaceful stroll through the park, admiring the fall colors and crunching the leaves. I remember thinking to myself how I missed our cats and just then we hear a meowing in the distance and turn around. Up the hill was a wee cat running towards us like a scene out of Baywatch, it’s run turning from a gentle pace into a speedy race. He finally reached us and screamed out:

Planning our next leg in Baden-Baden

It’s nice to have some down time to plan things out. With such a busy travel schedule all summer there wasn’t a lot of extra time to do planning ahead of where we’re going to next. So now with a nice break in travel and generous relatives letting us stay at their place until we can easily figured out where to go next. With a strong and free Internet connection, access to a fantastic espresso machine and fresh groceries in the fridge, it was the perfect time to sit down and figure things out.

Happy New Year! Ringing it in with 10 memorable moments over the last year.

Happy New Year. As we look back over the year we’ve done so much, here is a list of our top 10 moments.

Our Canadian Thanksgiving Experience in Germany

We cooked up a roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, dumplings, gravy and lots of fresh buns from the bakery. Sitting down to our self made feast we ate our way through the dinner happy with a bit of Canadian cooking. The turkey turned out fantastic as we had cooked it upside down, and of course all the fixings on the side made it fabulous. After resting and watching a movie, we broke out the apple pie with some ice cream on it. It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving miles away from home!

Surprising Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

We had heard from friends that Utrecht was a cool place to check out. Lesser known than Amsterdam, Utrecht still has the same liberal attitudes but a less crazy vibe. And being home to a major university was a plus, as they should have some neat shops and some sort of scene. Plus I needed a new day bag, the small attach-on bags that we have for our backpacks have been considered useless. You can fit 1 thing in them, and then it’s full. It makes me look like I stole a kindergarten kids schoolbag when I wear it.

Searching for Family Roots in Den Haag

Walking up to the address we had, I wanted to see if we could go in their back yard or something.. I didn’t know if we would just be viewed as creepy Canadian mass murderers and dispatched with a wooden shoe or invited in for a tea. As we stood in front contemplating one of their neighbors walked out. I quickly explained our story and he reminded us we came 5000 km’s and should just get on with it.

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