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Classing it up at Bangkok’s best cinema

As an added bonus you choose the seats your going to sit in so if you arrive late you can tell before you purchase a ticket if there is anywhere good to sit.

…Also, there is a Nokia Ultra Screen which is a private theatre with a separate box office and filled with private 2 person leather recliner booths and even swankier displays of phones, candies and popcorn.

…But it helps remind you of back home in a comfortable place, and with the super air conditioning it’s a great way to beat the 40 degree heat.

Nomadic Matt’s Bangkok Recommendations: YAY or NAY?

Cheap Charlies is literally just a small bar front filled with tons of little knick knacks that can keep your mind entertained by just looking at them.

…If you like Indian, make sure you come here and when you are done with your meal, order a shisha and enjoy some people watching at Cheap Charlies across the way.

…He stated it was decently priced which, I’ll give him that it’s decent compared to the rest of the places we have eaten sushi outside of Canada.

Furry Friday #10: Give Me a Kiss!

She is a happy cow that lives in Thailand. She shares her happiness with others by giving kisses to anyone that deserves it.

…Enjoyed the shared happiness and thanks for tuning into this weeks instalment of Furry Friday!

Furry Friday #9: Happy Birthday!

This weeks furry friday is dedicated to a long time furry friend of mine who just celebrated his birthday on the 10th. Someone I hold very special to my heart, someone who is a hero in my eyes, and someone who makes me laugh. We’ve spent many a years with each other, through thick and thin and I feel lucky to share my life experiences with them. This furry friend is none other then our infamous Scott!!

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