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A Top Notch Jungle Club on Koh Samui

Don’t these images make you want to stay here?? I know they sure make me want to go back. On top of this beautiful place, the staff are amazing, the food is divine (GREEN CURRY FOR THE WIN!), the blended drinks are mouth watering, and the free wifi actually WORKS!

Our First Thai Island Experience

The beach was picturesque in terms of the water and palm trees, but the sand did not make my feet happy. Infact, the further we walked down the beach the more and more the sand made me want to cry! To the point it wasn’t even sand anymore, but just sharp pieces of broken up coral, making it impossible to walk on. We soon decided this beach was not for us and didn’t even bother to look at the cheaper beach bungalows available.

Furry Friday #12: Cutest Pom’s found in the Land of Smiles

We met a family of pretty darn cute Pomeranians during our stay at Sam’s Place in Kanchanaburi. The youngest, BeeBo, is competing in this years “Who’s the Cutest Pomeranian?” contest.

Airport Taxi Scam in Bangkok

One thing you want to avoid in Thailand is dealing with the Thai police, but there we were, with only 15 mins left to board our plane being asked to give a statement to the officer.

Hugging Giraffes in Thailand’s Safari Park


So when I saw an image of tourists hugging a giraffe on a tour sandwich board I almost didn’t believe the photos were real.

…Time to get on the safari bus with buckets of corn in our hands and hungry hungry animals just waiting to eat it.

…Then the victory lap finally arrive, we were entering the giraffe pen and they were already at the gate just waiting for us to drive on in.

Breathtaking waterfalls and haunted railways – Erawan Falls and the Death Railway

Imagine walking through a beautiful and dense jungle in a hot tropical climate. Exhilarating, Exhausting, and your sweating buckets. What would be perfect in this sort of condition? A beautiful 7 tiered crystal clear waterfall complete with pools big enough to swim in? Welcome to Erawan Falls!

Places to stay in Kanchanaburi – Three times the charm!

The main windows had screens on them because there’s a lot of bugs being on the river but unfortunately the window that doesn’t close properly upstairs didn’t have a screen.

…We went to his place and it looked nice, we got into a bungalow pretty much right on the river that had a great view on the back balcony. … At the time Sam did not have wifi, but told us he was planning to get it, he did however allow us to plug directly into his internet connection for free.

Furry Friday #11: Please adopt me at the Chatachuak Weekend Market!

You can help save these three loveable chihuahua’s from a life humility by heading over to Bangkok’s Chatachuak Weekend Market and adopting them! While your there make sure to check out the rest of this massive market that covers over 35 acres with over 5000 stalls! You can find anything and everything you need (from clothes to livestock), all with an eager Thai ready to do the bargain game on a calculator.

Our arts & crafts day in Bangkok – Loy Krathong Festival


Many Thai’s will make and release a krathong into the river as a symbolic nature to letting go of all grudges, anger, and negative thoughts so they can start their life fresh on a better foot.

…We soon came to the massive bottle neck of a line to get to the floating river barrage, filled with all walks of life and all of them pushing to get ahead in the line. … All that hard mental work to make Scott’s glorious krathong to float was pretty much a waste as the waves chopped over all the krathongs and no one mentioned the millions of large fish that come right away to eat the krathongs!

Thai Visa Confusion

Of course with our luck, this new snazzy building was located way on the outskirts of Bangkok in a new business development area that taxi drivers did not really know about.

…We spent the morning getting all of our documents ready, and also dawned on our best backpacking clothes as we heard some reports that if you arrive scrubby it increases your chances of getting denied. … Sometimes the information on the internet isn’t as clear as it is in a guidebook, because when we did get the book in the mail it outlined this all for us.

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