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Christmas with the A-Team

Next thing we knew, we are making plans to meet up for Christmas to find a turkey dinner and spend a night together playing games. As we all know, Christmas is better spent with others. Only question was where in the South of Thailand was going to have a turkey dinner?

How to treat for a second degree muffler burn you got in Thailand

If you happen to rub your leg against a muffler in Thailand, here’s how to give yourself some first aid. It seems like a right of passage and you’ll see many people with bandages on their legs. But be warned, if you go to the medical clinic they have a unique way of treating it. They will proceed to scrap off the dead skin with a razor and not even give you a chance to take any pain killers or something to bite down on. Once complete they will apply an anti bacterial cream and then bandage it up and ask you to come back in 3 days to repeat the process until its all healed up. Or you can try the way enclosed!

Scott the Hero


That is all that filled my ears the moment we crashed, over and over again with such stern aggression. I had two options of removing myself from the bike. Roll over Scott and into the jungle brush or hop off the other side while trying to avoid the hot muffler.

Furry Friday 14: Yarr, we meet ye a pirate!

He had an extremely harsh voice from being out at sea for ages, it reminded of those Fishermen’s Friend commercials I used to see on TV when I was a kid.

Is Koh Phayam the perfect beach in Thailand?

But if you want somewhere that has a 3KM long white sandy beach with small bars playing Reggae and Rock, a beach that you can stretch out on and not sit near anyone for 50 meters, this is it. We saw many families here with small children, and it’s defiantly the kind of place that both kids and parents can relax at without having to worry about the little tikes.

The road to paradise is filled with kittens

The bed was comfy, there was free wifi, the owner is one of the most friendly of all guesthouse owners we have met, great food, (the coconut shrimp is superb, but skip the french toast), and to top it all off she LOVES cats.

…They just got back from Phayam and couldn’t express enough how much of a good time they had and how excited they were for us to be going there. We also met another older couple from the Netherlands who also just back back from the island and stated how they have been going there once a year for the past 8 years!

Le Jardin Guesthouse and Phuket, the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Le Jardin is a privately owned guesthouse that prefers long term rentals with many people returning for 3-6 months each year to escape the winters back home, and it feels like a community exists here. Each night a large group of whom we assume are regulars gather together to eat dinner with each other and spend days relaxing around a pool.

Join us on our personal tour of Koh Samui

Seconds after getting out of our Matchbox Toy we were asked if we wanted to go on an elephant ride or need a pickup truck ride to the falls as the walk is 30 minutes up from where we are. … If it’s the wet season, or you still decide to go, make sure to follow this tip: After you turn off the main road, take your first RIGHT and follow that all the way to the falls.

…While walking towards Grandmother and Grandfather rock we spotted a local glass blower and thought how a hand blown elephant would be perfect decoration to represent Thailand on our Christmas tree and we’ve been collecting an item from each country.

Furry Friday 13: I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday

We could only get this one picture of him as he was a hyper little pup with quite an early interest in the party life. All he could do was run around us in circles telling us about all these parties he has been to, the ones he plans to go to, the ones he plans to throw, and the band he plans to start. Can you guess what music scene he is into?

The best and worst hotels during our Thai visa run to Kuala Lumpur

When we went on a visa run to Malaysia, we booked at the StayOrange (a Carleton Hotels) brand. What a mistake!

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