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Egypt is burning

The people are rising up against their government on the streets. The police have abandoned Cairo and other cities, the interior ministry Central Security Force thugs are looting, beating and killing people. The army is both shooting protesters and sympathizing with them asking them to stay off the streets at night so they can root out looting thugs. Civilians are on the street protecting their property. Protesters and police are stopping random cars. And an 82 year old dictator is watching his empire crumble into chaos.

The Alexander Hostel, Cairo

Haitham also arranged for our White Desert tour and again insisted we would have a better time doing it private, which he was correct as we heard some horror stories from other people who did it with a group. We did encounter some problems with the tour operator in the White Desert, and one of the ladies who was with us booked over the internet for the cheapest price and was pretty much left high and dry. … We told him we had a great time once we were in the desert with Iman, but then also told him about some of the problems we encountered with the tour operator trying to charge us for things that were supposed to be included.

It’s not Cairo until you get scammed

Or we were walking down the street when a guy stops us, and standing in our way asks where we’re from. … Outside of the Step Pyramid – hawkers taking tickets When you first get out of your car at the Step Pyramid, there’s a guard booth and ticket agent right there. … Upon walking up they’ll ask for your ticket, look at it and then start a tour with you.

Camping in an Alien Wasteland of Beauty – The White Desert

We set off in a 4×4 Jeep with our hired desert guide, who also came along with a security officer that carried a gun under his shirt. The deeper we drove in the desert national park the more and more security check-points we passed… Where are we going???

Exploring the Pyramids in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

I thought it couldn’t get any hotter than outside. The weather around 10:00 was somewhere near 40 degrees outside the Pyramid in Dashur, and climbing 200 feet up the side was exhausting in the heat.

Cairo from a Woman’s Perspective

So, I entered Cairo with a very non-educated mind about the Muslim religion and soon found out my assumptions were half correct. Instead, the truth of the hijab is women choose to wear them, and dress they way they do to be treated with respect from men and not only thought as of sex objects. They believe that from the way they dress the men actually meet who they truly are and get to know the person inside first. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it ladies? Almost sounds similar to problems in our western society. How men react to you is, as much as we hate to admit it, a direct result as to how our men treat us. Dress like trash and guess who is treated like trash? Dress sexy and guess what thoughts are going through their minds? Etc, etc.

Furry Friday #8: A Foxy Brand Whore!

Later in the night during a stealthy Ninja pee mission, Scott and I spotted some some little poop-turds that were not there the last time we did a similar mission. Upon further inspection we ended up finding one lonely shoe amongst the poop trail, a green Puma street shoe! Knowing how much the Puma brand can cost someone and how much owners of Puma products love their possessions we picked up the shoe and brought it back to camp.

Planning our next leg in Baden-Baden

It’s nice to have some down time to plan things out. With such a busy travel schedule all summer there wasn’t a lot of extra time to do planning ahead of where we’re going to next. So now with a nice break in travel and generous relatives letting us stay at their place until we can easily figured out where to go next. With a strong and free Internet connection, access to a fantastic espresso machine and fresh groceries in the fridge, it was the perfect time to sit down and figure things out.

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