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Our own Tour de France


If you find yourself in Bayeux going to one of the Normandy beaches, I’ll give you a hint everyone forgot to mention to us. Don’t ride a bloody bike unless you’re used to being on one for such long distances! Instead, rent a scooter if you can find one. It would be much more enjoyable and your ass won’t feel as if it belonged to an East Van hooker for the next couple of days.

Netherlands soft drug policy : is it working?


So when we decided that Amsterdam was a go on our list, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be a cesspool of debauchery with junkies on each corner and ruined lives like the conservatives say we’d turn into if we legalized? Or would it be a crime free utopia where children skip in the park by themselves and nobody is addicted to any drugs.

Random Nights with Friends Can Lead to Many Things

Before we knew it we where actually setting dreams into plans. Picking tentative dates, places to go, things we must do, researching events to attend, and then choosing the location to start it all… and of course of all the places in Europe to choose from. We choose Amsterdam to set us off on the right foot.
Finally on a warm summer day in August of 2009 we got off a train in Amsterdam and like it was out of some teenage summer movie we saw our friends down at the end of the walkway with the same travel tired weary smiles as us.

FlyGlobeSpan – definatley as CHEAP as they come

Today I phoned customer service at +44 141 332 3233 to receive my refund on the extras I paid for tickets and talked to a Charlene in the Glasgow office. I was expecting this to be resolved and to move on, but what I was told that the ONLY way to receive a refund was to mail a letter to Edinburough. I asked for an email address or to talk to someone immediately as I have no fixed address right now, and email or phone is a superior way of communicating as it leaves electronic traces. She checked with her manager Mark and again told me there was absolutely no other way. I asked again. Charlene went on to say that there are no email addresses as they are not an “internet” company, and repeated this several times.

What to do with your stuff when your homeless


Moving isn’t easy in the first place and it’s even more stressful when you are moving your stuff yet have no home… you enter the large conundrum of what to do with your stuff. Our options were as follows: Rent our condo out as a furnished suite Rent a storage space Sell all of our […]

0 Days!


Just loaded up my igoogle and it told me I have: “0 Days Until You Fly Out Of Canada” Finally the day I have been dreaming about for a long time has finally come! Of course we still have a few last things to do here in Calgary before we jump on that plane…. but […]

Kids say the darndest things!


We received a cute letter from our nephew Michael last night. It reads: To Auntie Deidra and uncle Scott hope you have a great trip around the world for a hole year you wont be able to s us at Christmas eve are you also going to Arcata that place even by looking at its […]

Wishing our cats could carry backpacks and join us

IMG_1196, originally uploaded by Here is our cat Charlie laying on top of our travel documents and to do pile. Notice the very content I’m not listening face as Scott asks “What do you think your doing?” It might of been slightly our faults as we placed these documents in the only place of […]

Our dreams are becoming reality!


MVI_0803, originally uploaded by 8 DAYS TO GO!!!

Range of emotions while we are down to the wire


Currently feeling quite a range of emotions these last few days. Pretty much you name I probably feel it. Excitement for our adventure ahead, Exhilarated and non-stressed from not working anymore, Sad when I look at my cats and when my friends/family say they are going to miss me, Overwhelmed with making sure everything we need to do before […]

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