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Furry Friday 21: Eviction Notice

Official notice of eviction of Charlie & Kerrigan from the Looking Room
Eviction took place today & cats have been relocated to the Elvis Room

21 hour travel day turns to 42 hours of utter hell

Ever have one of those days? Those days that everything seems to go wrong? Monday, April 26th 2010 was one of those days. Today reminded me of a scene in the movie Benjamin Button. That if just one damn thing went right it would have changed the entire outcome. But instead, it turned into the worse day of travel in 300 days around the world.

21 hour travel day, here we come…

Our travel back home involves a total of 17 hours in the air. With 4 connections that means a grand total of a 21 hour travel day! Yikes! To think we used to moan at 9 hour days… Luckily we have our upcoming adventures to look forward to plus more!

Why you gotta kill our dreams?

Hostpapa, did you kill our dreams like Freddy Krueger? We’ve been without internet the last 3 days and have come to find our site is down. All of our posts, pages and comments had vanished. It seems our web host, hostpapa severs went down and around the same time we lost everything and our database […]

Bell Olympics iPhone App


Out here in Thailand, there’s no news of the olympics at all. We haven’t found it on tv yet, but hope in Chiang Rai we can find a sports pub to watch the final hockey games. Luckily I just found a great iPhone app from Bell of all people, and it’s wicked. Pulling up the […]

10 places to eat in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.

If your going to Vancouver for the Olympics and are looking for some tips on where to eat from a local, try these out.

Furry Friday #5: A Merry Furry Friday

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our families, new and old friends. Make sure to eat some extra turkey for me! And if you have a furry friend, give them an extra hug for being awesome.

Saying Goodbye in Amsterdam

We had one last walk through the Red Light District with them, ate some amazing ribs for the 3rd time at this restaurant. Ate there twice on our first visit to Amsterdam, and had been craving them for the past two months. I don’t recall the name but it’s on a main Red Light district street with no canal on it that leads to Dam Square. Some landmarks on the street are the St. Christophers Hostel, a laundry mat and the you just can’t miss it…. Cock Ring. (lol) Once you feel you are on the right street, if you see a green restaurant advertising a RIB SPECIAL, then eat there! They are some of the best ribs (aside from my moms!) I’ve ever eaten.

Visiting Bath, the only “true” hot springs in Britain

Bath is a great little city. It reminded me much of Baden-Baden in Germany. Filled with beautiful old architecture, cobble stone walking streets, shops galore, fancy restaurants, smiles from happy locals, and a luxurious Hot Spring. The only difference I found was of course the language, and Bath locals seemed much younger then in Baden-Baden.

Welcome to our first Furry Friday!

We have decided to start a weekly segment on our blog called Furry Fridays. We have met lots of different furry creatures on our travels and well and decided they can be just as interesting as your run of the mill travel photos. So, each Friday you can expect to lay your eyes on one of our new furry friends, complete with a little biographical story about them.

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