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Today’s Tea Fortune

Two Words: Do It.

We went to my work’s end of the year party last weekend. It was located at the top of Grouse Mountain and oddly enough both of us had never been up there before even when it’s named as one of Vancouver’s top attractions.  We were quite surprised at how easy it was to get to […]

Site Completion? Almost.


Hey guys, we finally have received the final files for the website from our coder. Hooray!!! To ensure you are viewing the most up to date version please refresh/reload this page and run your updates. If you are experiencing floating roll-overs at the top this means you don’t have the most up to date browser […]

2009 – F*ck Yeah!

Happy New Years everyone! We hope everyone brought in 2009 with a bang surrounded by loved ones.  Our new years was spectacular. We rented a cabin in Windermere B.C. with a bunch of friends for 4 days filled of partying, relaxing, winter activities, and even a deep fried turkey. It was really nice to spend some […]

Dreaming of a White Christmas

 Actually, we don’t need to dream at all. Over the weekend Vancouver was hit with 30 – 70 cm of snow! That is a crazy amount of snow to fall in a 24 hour period. Especially in a city that barely ever gets snow. An example of how bad Vancouver handles snow: The airport shuts down leaving […]

Library Visit

We decided to hit up the library this weekend to get some travel books to read over the upcoming holidays. We both haven’t been to a library since we were really young. I remember them feeling way bigger and quieter. Our most favorite part of our visit was that we didn’t have to pay a […]

Passport Renewal Woes

  Our next plan of attack to renew our passports isn’t proving to be very easy. Everything was going smoothly…     First we practiced our no smile faces. We don’t want to look like criminals in our photos, but instead happy Canadians! So lots of time spent staring in a mirror and making no smile […]

The super powers of RFN


I can’t believe it’s only 2 weekends left until Christmas. This year has whiz right by. Scott and I had high hopes to get a ton of our trip preparations done this year. But this proved to be difficult. It’s really hard to put aside your current everyday lifestyle to prepare for a different lifestyle. No matter […]

New Twitter Widget


You may have notice we have changed our twitter widget to Twitter Balloon. Rather then some simple text that easily goes unnoticed in our side bar we now have a fun and spiffy looking twitter update. We plan to use Twitter often on our trip to give you, our wonderful reader quick updates from our […]

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping wasn’t very successful.  After adding in the exchange rate and shipping costs the deals weren’t that crazy enough for us to bother purchasing the items we were looking for. We did buy 1 item from Online Canada Store. A high five goes out to them for having the same Black Friday specials […]

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