Importance Of Food Safety

I would like to see the correlation between use of the chemicals and cancers over the same time period. I see many of you saying, “oh it has been in use since”, that does not make it right. And how many children have been diagnosed with learning disabilities since that same time period. Life is about learning and if you continue to do the same thing after receiving more relevant information, means you did not learn anything at all. Stop being narrow minded and look at the big picture. There are more cancers, more kids with ADHD, autism and learning disabilities than any other time in history. It is the scientist job to determine why. They did and now they are trying to do something about it.

It appears that as they get a handle on a few cancers more are emerging. I will dig a little deeper to the stats. As the rate of cancer deaths decrease the rate of diagnosis for some have increased.

It’s not necessarily that more are emerging. We are simply getting better at spotting them, we on average live longer which means it’s more likely to happen, dying of fewer things that killed many of us early on. Cancer is an almost inevitable event if human biology, we just found a way to get ahead of it.

Yes, some have increased, that is why it is the overall incidence rate. The decline is impressive given the fast aging population (me) and that age is the biggest risk factor for cancer.

The decline is impressive also given that technology has enabled doctors to find cancer much more easily.

As we age cancer is almost inevitable.

As an aside, for those anti-gmo/glyphosate folks out there, the decline in incidence rates exactly match the advent of gmo crops and the increased use of glyphosate. Best regards.

Cats Bring You Dead Animals

They bring “gifts” like that because they’re trying to teach you how to hunt (gross, I know).

In our village home they used to bring half-dead snakes and keep them just behind the kitchen door. My mother nearly stamped on one (snake) and she asked my elder brother to carry the cat in a box with holes for air and release it in a lonely rubber plantation. The cat never came back and we never kept cats after that. Cats are a no-no in Familia foster care. Sorry for the cats. They come regularly to raid the kitchen.

Dogs Attackings Other Animals

Dogs indeed do not attack puppies – but they know that small dogs are not puppies, they can tell what the other dog is, puppy or aged dog, male or female, low ranked, dominant… just by the other dog’s smell and posture.

The other dog’s smell is like an identity card for them, if the small dog is a puppy dog, they will leave them alone but an adult dog may get attacked. Also, do you think these dogs cannot tell the difference between a small dog and a cat? Of course they can.

Cats do not smell like dogs. Dogs are perfectly aware of their ‘opponent’. Dogs who are socialized, won’t hurt the cat because they see the cat as member of their ‘pack’ whom they should not kill. Cats on the other hand don’t work this way, they are a lot wilder, similar to their ancestors. And if dogs see stray cats, they might even kill them as they don’t belong to their ‘pack’. Wolves also kill wolves of stranger packs. If a dog attacks or even kills another dog, they are not socialized and have dominance issues or disrespect towards their owner who can’t control them because of it. Sometimes, dogs even prey on cats, like some populations of stray dogs in Moscow.