Breathtaking waterfalls and haunted railways – Erawan Falls and the Death Railway

Imagine walking through a beautiful and dense jungle in a hot tropical climate. Exhilarating, Exhausting, and your sweating buckets. What would be perfect in this sort of condition? A beautiful 7 tiered crystal clear waterfall complete with pools big enough to swim in? Welcome to Erawan Falls!

No visit to Kanchanaburi is right without a visit to this great national park at least once. It’s claimed to be one of the best waterfalls in Thailand and boy does it sure deliver! Envision a movie scene with a hot person of whatever sex you desire doing the typical “in a waterfall” pose. That perfect waterfall is here… and 7 times over with each tier!

We signed ourselves for a day tour that gave us 3 hours at the falls with a lunch afterwards, then some other typical Kanchanaburi sights. If you plan to check out these falls and really enjoy them then be sure to take the 3 hour tour or find a way to the National Park yourself so you can spend as long as you like.

If you do go on your own for the day, be sure NOT to pack a lunch to enjoy at the falls as it will be taken away from you at the entrance. Yes, this National Park has an excellent policy in terms of garbage. The only thing aside from your personal items you can bring with you to the falls is bottles of water, and before you go in you must pay a 100 baht deposit PER BOTTLE. It is then numbered and when you leave you show your bottle with the number on it and get your money back. FANTASTIC!!! Sad that in order to keep a place beautiful and clean we need to implement rules like this but at least it makes for your experience there unbothered by a random piece of plastic floating by.

If your still not convinced to check out these marvellous falls, see if these pictures tempt you:

Erawan Falls, Thailand

Insert “in a waterfall” movie pose here

Erawan Falls, Thailand

Erawan Falls, Thailand

fish at Erawan Falls, Thailand

Free fish massage! These fish wait at the edges of the pools just waiting for people to
climb in so they can eat the dead skin off your feet. Doesn’t hurt, just feels weird! Once
you get in and start swimming around they do stop trying to eat you… mostly!

Erawan Falls, Thailand

Insert another “in a waterfall” movie pose here

with our dicapac, Erawan Falls, Thailand

We have a dicapack for our Canon G10 camera that allows us to take pictures
underwater via a see-through waterproof fitted bag. It’s great! We have also had a dicapack
for our old Sony Cybershot and again it worked wonders for us in Punta Cana!

with our dicapac, Erawan Falls, Thailand

I’m sure at least someone out there is wondering what the other “typical” Kanchanaburi sights are… So here you go!

River Kwai and the Death Railway, Kanchanaburi Thailand

A portion of the Death Railway built back in the 40’s that is still used today.
Over 100,000 prisoners of war died while working on this railway, forced by the Japan empire.

entrance to the cave, Death Railway, Thailand

The original wooden viaduct was very rickety and scary to walk on. We didn’t get too
far before we turned back around to safer ground!


Inside a cave right beside the wooden viaduct.

train for the Death Railway, Kanchanaburi Thailand

We then hopped onto a train to ride the “Death Railway”,
Totally forgetting how rickety it was!

Riding the Death Railway, Kanchanaburi Thailand

The train was so full of a huge tour group and school children that we
couldn’t get an actual seat!

Bridge on River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Thailand

The famous Bridge over the River Kwai, also part of the Death Railway.

Bridge on River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Thailand

The only part of the bridge that is still original is the concrete supports. The rest of the bridge
was bombed during the war.

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