Banksy nominated for an Academy award

Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

During our travels in Europe we specifically changed our plans when we heard about Banksy’s exhibit at the Bristol museum. We made it there on the last day of the show, waited in line for over 3 hours and then experienced the best art exhibit we’ve ever seen. (and we’ve seen a ton!). Much to our surprised our little post: Banksy vs Bristol Musuem has become one of our most popular posts. Our site is also mostly discovered through search engines with the term “banksy” of some form. Banksy is a popular guy!

Now, I’ve learned he is nominated for his work on his feature film documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. This alone makes me want to watch the acadmy awards on the 27th. Don’t think I’ve watched them since I was living at home with my parents with nothing better to do!

It’s really going to be interesting to see if he wins and even moreso what he is going to do to accept the award, that is if he even shows up! Supposedly the Acadamy  has been discussing what to do if he fails to appear or even worse (better??) plans to pull a stunt of some sort. Will we finally get to see his face? Personally, I hope we don’t!


If you like street art, anything sub-culture, or heck if you even just like documentaries and  haven’t seen ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ then go torrent it right now! I’m sure with it being created by an artist that beleives in ‘stealing’ he won’t mind at all. Especially since that is pretty much the theme of said documentary anyways!

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