Back in business? We Hope!

We know, we know! Your all begging for more!

Hello from Thailand! It’s been awhile since we have shared any of our travel stories; it’s been a great and busy start to the new decade. First we had our friends Alex and Heather come out over New Years to spend a week with us, which much like Europe lead to many full days and nights of partying and no time to write on our blog. Then on the same day we hugged goodbye to our friends we meet up with parents who will now be enjoying Thailand with us until the 28th. So once again we’ve been busy spending time with them. We have now landed to Koh Lanta with plans to stick here and enjoy the beach for the next week. Which hopefully means we once again find ourselves some time to continue sharing our stories with you.
Let’s just cross all of our fingers we have some good wifi connections to do so!

Anyways, so we last left you off with the end of our European adventures and planning our next leg in Baden Baden. (This was back in October) So stay tuned for our upcoming posts about our time in Cairo to explore the pyramids! We are currently sitting by the beach and writing them now!

And yes, this still means we are 2 months behind in sharing our tales… Bah!!

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