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Good Times Have Been Had!!


And there is oh so many more to go! Well, as some of your might of noticed… Scott and I are EXTREMELY far behind in our blog postings. Our anniversary in Venice was on August 5. That makes this blog 2 months behind. Holy crap! We have been some busy travelers. But now we have […]

Venice, City of Romance for our anniversary.


How can you not go to the city of romance for your anniversary when your so close to it? Even though we were going to Italy later in the summer with our friends for a music festival. We were never going to go to Venice with them so it was a great chance to experience […]

Come see St Petersburg Russia via our first TV episode!

l_12092-3-st-petersburg-puppet-theater-hostel TV Episode 1    

AK-47’s and Naughty Squirrels

Our targets

Feeling excited we walk down the bunker stairs… it smells old and dank with a soft aroma of burnt something. We get instructions from what sounded to me like an Russian accent gun lover and the next thing I know its my turn.

The Dutch Epically Failed on Building a Boat

If you are going to go to only 1 museum in Stockholm, I highly recommend choosing this one as it is unique. The re-salvaged Vasa is quite a sight to be seen.

3 “Must Do’s” While Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

Our list of top 3 things to do in Copenhagen

Jungle Worship

Before I get to the Jungle Worship… my first order of business is to announce our Liverpool pictures are uploaded to Flickr. Check them out by clicking on this awesome hot link that will send you to flickr land. We’ve used PictoBrowser in the recent past to show the photos as a gallery within our […]

All you need is Love


The one and only reason we made our way to Liverpool for a couple of days was to explore the city’s many Beatles sights. Liverpool is the city that the Beatles grew up in, practiced and finally made their explosion onto the music scene. Many of their songs have references to the city and since we were so close (Belfast) we took up this opportunity. We came for the music history but were surprised by the people.

The Roads of Insanity

Would we do it again? Heck yah. Do we recommened it to others? Only if you can handle it!! If you get really nervous being in the passenger seat while driving the streets of Canada, then I highly suggest you don’t go for a country drive in Ireland.

Pubs as far as the eye can see! Dublin, Ireland

In Vancouver, B.C there are hundreds of Starbucks. There are even some locations that are litterally across the street from each other and all of them are busy from opening to close. In Dublin we found something very similar with the Pubs. From any one point we could see at least 1 or pubs unless we were standing in the middle of the suburbs. (where our hostel was) But even then if we just walked about 5 minutes we would once again see a warm inviting sign to come in for a beer.

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