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Surprising Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

We had heard from friends that Utrecht was a cool place to check out. Lesser known than Amsterdam, Utrecht still has the same liberal attitudes but a less crazy vibe. And being home to a major university was a plus, as they should have some neat shops and some sort of scene. Plus I needed a new day bag, the small attach-on bags that we have for our backpacks have been considered useless. You can fit 1 thing in them, and then it’s full. It makes me look like I stole a kindergarten kids schoolbag when I wear it.

Our Dream Oktoberfest Experience

ny beer drinker out there has heard the legend of beer Shambhala – a place that only comes out once the days get a bit cooler and the yeast has time to ferment and become the nectar of the gods. Where beer comes in 1 liter mugs carried by a buxom blonde with 6 in each hand. A place that has all the beer friendly food you ever need, Weisswurst (White sausage), pretzels and pulled wild boar sandwiches are just a small sampling.

An open letter to Steve Jobs on his choice of Apple Store locations

When the nice lady pointed at Apple Juice, I knew my little grasp of the Italian language wasn’t going to cut it. We’d have to figure it out ourselves, with nothing more than the memory of what the map looked like from your website. It didn’t look too far from what I remember, and we grabbed a couple quick espressos and a bottle of water. Walking out of the store past the five old Italians gambling on a game of poker, I felt confident we’d find the plug and be back downtown Rome in no time. Out on the road we came to a junction with a choice to go either left or right. Left led us into an area with signs of civilization and right led us to the entrance of a busy highway with no sidewalk. So, using our common sense we headed towards civilization with a spring in our step.

Tripping Over History in Rome

Walking through the city of Rome is like walking through a different age, or as our friend James put it, “tripping over history”. You can walk up any street and see a fountain that’s 1,000 years old, a temple that’s 3,00 years old, and a Colosseum that’s 2,000 years old, and many other random remains of the old civilization just lying about. It’s truly amazing exploring this city that was built by a civilization that were more civilized 2,000 years ago than the rest of the Europeans were even 500 years ago. But, after the fall of the Roman Empire around 500AD, the next 1,000 years was pretty brutal for them compared to the 1,000 before them.

Stonehenge could be better…

There’s a small visitor center on the grounds and you walk around a path about 150 feet away from the stones themselves. They’re as big as I always imagined them to be, however, Deidra says she imagined them to be much bigger. Due to the distance the path around the henge is, you can barely see the original blue stones on the inside.

Dolf Lundgren to the rescue!

Just then from far across the street, we hear some random yelling. Knowing this was England and they get a bit out of control, I figured it was just some guy blowing off some steam. But the yelling didn’t stop, and in the shadows from across the street a figure of craziness and destruction appeared. This guy was kicking garbage cans, body checking bus stops and being loser drunk. As he swayed and swerved up to the very same crosswalk we were about to cross, my eyes met Steve and we knew there was going to be trouble.

Dear Jamie Oliver – A Letter about our experience at Jamie’s Italian

This summer my wife Deidra and I toured through Europe with our friends Steve and Karen, sampling the best of the overseas as we went along. Being from Canada we’ve seen some of your shows, and were interested in trying celebrity restaurants in the UK. When we were in London, we had gone to Gordon Ramsey’s steakhouse and were seriously disappointed by our experience, the steaks having no real taste, being quite bland.

Banksy vs The Bristol Museum

The result was nothing anyone would imagine. From the opening day for 3 months straight the line was at least 3 hours long and people traveled to Bristol from all other world to see the exhibit, including us!

Getting Loaded in the Park

One thing about the festival I didn’t like though was the trashiness of the English people. There’s only one type of animal I know that lives in it’s own filth, wallowing and scrounging through the trash for food. We saw people sitting at the food fair and just throwing their unwanted food on the ground; eating in-between trash and leaving whole chicken cadavers while throwing bottles on the ground.

The Valve Sound System Show Down: Epic Fail!


After hearing Hospitalities Sound at Matter Nightclub, which had better sound than clubs in Vancouver, I was stoked to hear the grand-daddy of all sound systems at a special Valve System showdown at Indigo nightclub at the O2 arena. Walking in with anticipation of gut wrenching bass that you can feel in your spine, I should have known something was up as the sticky floor pulled at my shoes and the sound was a bit off.

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