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Thai Visa Confusion

Of course with our luck, this new snazzy building was located way on the outskirts of Bangkok in a new business development area that taxi drivers did not really know about.

…We spent the morning getting all of our documents ready, and also dawned on our best backpacking clothes as we heard some reports that if you arrive scrubby it increases your chances of getting denied. … Sometimes the information on the internet isn’t as clear as it is in a guidebook, because when we did get the book in the mail it outlined this all for us.

Classing it up at Bangkok’s best cinema

As an added bonus you choose the seats your going to sit in so if you arrive late you can tell before you purchase a ticket if there is anywhere good to sit.

…Also, there is a Nokia Ultra Screen which is a private theatre with a separate box office and filled with private 2 person leather recliner booths and even swankier displays of phones, candies and popcorn.

…But it helps remind you of back home in a comfortable place, and with the super air conditioning it’s a great way to beat the 40 degree heat.

The Alexander Hostel, Cairo

Haitham also arranged for our White Desert tour and again insisted we would have a better time doing it private, which he was correct as we heard some horror stories from other people who did it with a group. We did encounter some problems with the tour operator in the White Desert, and one of the ladies who was with us booked over the internet for the cheapest price and was pretty much left high and dry. … We told him we had a great time once we were in the desert with Iman, but then also told him about some of the problems we encountered with the tour operator trying to charge us for things that were supposed to be included.

Bell Olympics iPhone App


Out here in Thailand, there’s no news of the olympics at all. We haven’t found it on tv yet, but hope in Chiang Rai we can find a sports pub to watch the final hockey games. Luckily I just found a great iPhone app from Bell of all people, and it’s wicked. Pulling up the […]

It’s not Cairo until you get scammed

Or we were walking down the street when a guy stops us, and standing in our way asks where we’re from. … Outside of the Step Pyramid – hawkers taking tickets When you first get out of your car at the Step Pyramid, there’s a guard booth and ticket agent right there. … Upon walking up they’ll ask for your ticket, look at it and then start a tour with you.

10 places to eat in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.

If your going to Vancouver for the Olympics and are looking for some tips on where to eat from a local, try these out.

Exploring the Pyramids in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

I thought it couldn’t get any hotter than outside. The weather around 10:00 was somewhere near 40 degrees outside the Pyramid in Dashur, and climbing 200 feet up the side was exhausting in the heat.

Planning our next leg in Baden-Baden

It’s nice to have some down time to plan things out. With such a busy travel schedule all summer there wasn’t a lot of extra time to do planning ahead of where we’re going to next. So now with a nice break in travel and generous relatives letting us stay at their place until we can easily figured out where to go next. With a strong and free Internet connection, access to a fantastic espresso machine and fresh groceries in the fridge, it was the perfect time to sit down and figure things out.

Happy New Year! Ringing it in with 10 memorable moments over the last year.

Happy New Year. As we look back over the year we’ve done so much, here is a list of our top 10 moments.

Our Canadian Thanksgiving Experience in Germany

We cooked up a roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, dumplings, gravy and lots of fresh buns from the bakery. Sitting down to our self made feast we ate our way through the dinner happy with a bit of Canadian cooking. The turkey turned out fantastic as we had cooked it upside down, and of course all the fixings on the side made it fabulous. After resting and watching a movie, we broke out the apple pie with some ice cream on it. It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving miles away from home!

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