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5 Reasons why we miss Haad Salad

Here are 5 reason why we loved our time at Haad Salad, Koh Phanang. We are sure we will be back one day in the future!

Furry Friday 16: Think of the kittens!

Because if I can’t get the training to save the world, what’s going to happen to those cute kittens?

I need your help to save the world!


I know, I know. The title says “save” the world and the sign says “take over” the world. But really, when I take over the world it will be saving it. Have you ever watched your Members of Parliament, Senators or whatever your elected figures are on TV? It’s seriously like watching a bunch of children debate.

Our Canon G10 and the Dicapac: A match made in H20

When we were preparing for our year long trip, we looked long and hard for the perfect camera. Something that would take great night and day shots, had good color, and shot in RAW for the best possible effect. We chose the Canon G10 and have been super happy with it.

Is Koh Phayam the perfect beach in Thailand?

But if you want somewhere that has a 3KM long white sandy beach with small bars playing Reggae and Rock, a beach that you can stretch out on and not sit near anyone for 50 meters, this is it. We saw many families here with small children, and it’s defiantly the kind of place that both kids and parents can relax at without having to worry about the little tikes.

Le Jardin Guesthouse and Phuket, the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Le Jardin is a privately owned guesthouse that prefers long term rentals with many people returning for 3-6 months each year to escape the winters back home, and it feels like a community exists here. Each night a large group of whom we assume are regulars gather together to eat dinner with each other and spend days relaxing around a pool.

The best and worst hotels during our Thai visa run to Kuala Lumpur

When we went on a visa run to Malaysia, we booked at the StayOrange (a Carleton Hotels) brand. What a mistake!

Why you gotta kill our dreams?

Hostpapa, did you kill our dreams like Freddy Krueger? We’ve been without internet the last 3 days and have come to find our site is down. All of our posts, pages and comments had vanished. It seems our web host, hostpapa severs went down and around the same time we lost everything and our database […]

Airport Taxi Scam in Bangkok

One thing you want to avoid in Thailand is dealing with the Thai police, but there we were, with only 15 mins left to board our plane being asked to give a statement to the officer.

Places to stay in Kanchanaburi – Three times the charm!

The main windows had screens on them because there’s a lot of bugs being on the river but unfortunately the window that doesn’t close properly upstairs didn’t have a screen.

…We went to his place and it looked nice, we got into a bungalow pretty much right on the river that had a great view on the back balcony. … At the time Sam did not have wifi, but told us he was planning to get it, he did however allow us to plug directly into his internet connection for free.

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