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Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future!

Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future! One of the questions we are most frequently asked when people ask us about our travels is: “what inspired you to go here/there?” It’s a very good question, and sometimes, we have to admit, we’ve been stumped. The truth is, we’ve been on some pretty wild […]

#throwbackthursday Banksy – The power of a big gold frame.

Banksy Gold Frame

Banksy is in the news with his 31 day take over of New York City. We ran into one of his projects in August 2009 when he took over The Bristol Museum. Banksy quote – “Never under estimate the power of a big gold frame”

Oktoberfest – The worlds greatest party?

I read on Matt’s facebook that he was headed out to Oktoberfest in Munich and I became jealous. Two years ago Dee, Karen, Steve and I went to Munich and Oktoberfest. What an amazing time wearing out our drinking arms and holding onto our hats through the 5 loops of the rollercoaster. I had some of the best food there, pulled wild boar on a bun and goose with dumplings. The Germans know how to eat, drink and party!

5 travel diseases your most likely to meet on the road

The website for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reads like a horror story for prospective globe trotters.

Anything from Chikungunya Fever to Schistosomiasis could put you on the sidelines (or worse) when you venture out into the world. Of course, with some simple preventative actions – up-to-date vaccinations; maintaining proper sanitary conditions; or even paying attention to what you touch, eat, smell, etc. – most travelers enjoy good health as they explore foreign lands.

Your District & Community Guide for TBEX 2011 Vancouver, BC

Here’s a list of some things to do in Vancouver during TBEX ’11. These are communities the locals go to hang out at their favorite pub, eat at one of the hundreds of sushi shops or hang out at the beach. There’s always something going on in this city.

TBEX ’11 Vancouver, BC: Travel tips from the locals


TBEX is a conference for Travel Bloggers, Media and travel businesses to meet face to face rather than over the illumination of monitors. Both Dee and I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver and currently live right in the heart of the city. As we have a lot of insider knowledge about things to do in Vancouver, it seemed appropriate to write a series to help out all of you who may be coming down for TBEX’11.

Saving money on the road – booking site review

They search 20 different online booking sites to get you their best prices. Overall I’m happy with their site and will bookmark them with my other companies I use when searching for the best price. Visit and check them out yourself.

Egypt is burning

The people are rising up against their government on the streets. The police have abandoned Cairo and other cities, the interior ministry Central Security Force thugs are looting, beating and killing people. The army is both shooting protesters and sympathizing with them asking them to stay off the streets at night so they can root out looting thugs. Civilians are on the street protecting their property. Protesters and police are stopping random cars. And an 82 year old dictator is watching his empire crumble into chaos.

Happy New Years 2011

ola! Happy New Year

Happy New Years 2011 everyone! A few thoughts in the first few days of the year.

10 random observations of Hanoi

After spending 4 months in smaller towns and beach huts, it was a bit of a shock to get into Hanoi. So many more sights and loud sounds, it was a bit of a shock to the system and took us a couple days to adjust. Here’s 10 random things that we didn’t expect.

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