All you need is Love

The one and only reason we made our way to Liverpool for a couple of days was to explore the city’s many Beatles sights. Liverpool is the city that the Beatles grew up in, practiced and finally made their explosion onto the music scene. Many of their songs have references to the city and since we were so close (Belfast) we took up this opportunity. We came for the music history but were surprised by the people.

Liverpool has had the most friendliest and the most helpful people we have ever met to date. Ethier the Beatles made such a positive impact on the people of their city that the all you need is love mentality has stuck to this day… or it’s just always been that way and is one of the reasons why The Beatles always had great things to say about Liverpool.

Out of the many experience we had with the locals… the  icing on the cake  on why we loved Liverpool so much was when we were trying to find our hostel. Our impression from the description on was it wasn’t that far from the city center. So we got off of the bus and started walking up the street that our directions said to go – with no map.

At first it was just a tough uphill walk going past a few pubs and hostels, then into more residential area. About 10 minutes of this we stopped seeing names on the streets and started noticing boarded up commercial buildings. And then boarded up residential buildings with nobody on the street. Another 10 minutes of walking down boarded up streets trying to follow our directions and we started wondering if we had entered Liverpool’s ghetto, but at this point we had almost passed the point of no return. We had gone so far into it and it had to end sometime, right?

Feeling uneasy and tired we started to beleive we are going the wrong way and may get shanked for our shoes. Well, I guess our faces had some sort of lost puppy look on them because just at that moment a car pulls over beside us. Inside a smiling Dad and his 2 daughters are inside. He asks if we are lost and where are we going. We tell him and he isn’t quite sure where it is but says to hop in I’ll give you a ride! He tells us he would never want his daughters lost in a foreign country and this is why he feels he must help us. Who the hell does that in Northern America??

We jump in the car and hope he is not an estrange manaic hoping to steal our livers <well Dee’s as nobody wants Scott’s>. Which at this point sounded better then fending for ourselves in get the heck out of dodge land. Just in the nick of time we find the hostel as the lady was about to leave for the night. I can’t imagine what would of happened if we found it on our own and arrive when no one was there to let us in…

As we threw our bags down and fell into bed, we were grateful to have at least a box spring to lie on and wondered if the mattress had been stolen. I’m sure there are crack mattresses that are more comfortable than what we slept on, but that’s another story.

PS: I’m sure a few of you are still wondering about the rest of our hostel experience in the boarded up outskirts area of Liverpool. As much as it looked like the ghetto it infact was not. There is a new motorway going in and the city of Liverpool bought all the buildings to make way for the motorway by tearing them all down and then will build new buildings once the construction is complete. They’ve appropriated 8 blocks wide and for many miles long. I guess you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover!

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