A new look for us: What do you think?

For awhile now we have been wanting to redesign our site for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Update the look of our comments section to hopefully encourage more comments from our readers
  • Have a featured articles section
  • Show a magazine style layout with thumbnails and post summaries
  • Have a better “share” section at the bottom of each post
  • Clean up our sidebar
  • Better site navigation throughout
  • Ease of use for both us and our readers (old design gave us many errors when trying something new)

Last, but not least…

  • Hoping a new look that works without bad coding errors will increase our desire to post more of our adventures on here! Since being back home and being busy with the real world we started to loose the desire, but it’s coming back again. Sometimes you just need a change right? Or maybe it’s the cold weather outside forcing us to stay in and have more time for this…

Anyways, here it is! I’m sure we will still be tweaking and adding a few more things but this is pretty much it! Be sure to take a look around by jumping to the home page.

What do you think?

*Please note it appears our commentluv is not working. Says we need to upgrade our wordpress but it is fully upgraded….

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