A Map For Saturday

dvdfront_web_3Scott and I watched a great backpacking documentary last night called A Map For Saturday by Brook Silva Braga. I heard about it through Nomadic Matt’s website, who recently did an interview with Brook about his new film, One Day in Africa.

A Map For Saturday is about the life of long term backpackers and the effect their experiences have on them. It starts with Brook waking up on the day he is going to tell his bosses and from there he takes you on a in depth perspective into the life of a backpacker. 

I really enjoyed watching this inspiring documentary. It took me through the variety of emotions I’m currently feeling about our upcoming trip and opened my mind to thoughts that have not even crossed my mind yet.

Anyways, I highly recommended this film to anyone who is planning to go off on their own adventure across the world, is currently on, or has thought about it. Heck, I actually recommend this film to ANYONE. Even the skeptics out there that think going off on trips like this is “crazy”.

Check out the movie trailer:

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