A Canadian Meal?

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

To celebrate Canada Day today we decided to pick up some Thai food and take it to the beach for a picnic. Not a very Canadian meal but in a way it does symbolize what it means to be Canadian. Because really… what is a Canadian meal? Maple Syrup? When I actually think about it Canadians eat all types of foods from across the globe with maybe a bit of our flair of local ingredients added in.

Which is one of our favorite reasons we love Canada so much aside from it’s pure amazing beauty is that it is such a multi-cultural place. Almost everywhere you go you can be surrounded by many different cultures and traditions. We actually think in a very subliminal way this has helped inspire us to want to travel the world. We only see the small bits of different cultures in our country and as the curious beings we are want to see more!

In other green news… on our walk down to the beach we saw a billboard with solar panels today which made us quite impressed. We love to see anything making an effort to reduce energy!

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