A beef with our International Drivers Licenses

WTF is up with the size of a Canadian International Drivers License? They are actually bigger then a passport! Are other international licenses so big?

The second issue we encountered with our licenses was they expire exactly 1 year from the date issued. Which for us is May 21st. One portion of our trip we feel we will really need the license is Australia which will be around the end of our trip. We are hoping to buy a camper van (depending on money) and drive and camp from Darwin to Melbourne. But, our licenses will probably expired half way through our travels there. We asked how we renew them while over seas. The answer: Mail in a new application with your photos and we will mail it back to you. There is no where you can renew them overseas in person.

Well that doesn’t really help us! We won’t have a mailing address and/or be staying in one place long enough in Australia. So when they expire do we just play the innocent dumb Canadian if we get pulled over in Australia. “Sorry officer I didn’t know it expired already!”


The one good thing about the licenses was the cost. Only cost us $30 for 2 licenses.

We saved on the photos as we scanned our passport photos before sending those applications in. Took the scan image and laid 5 out on a 5×7 in Adobe Photoshop, saved to a USB drive and then took that into London Drugs 1 Hour Photo and printed 2 of each. Voila! $3.57 later we have 10 passport photos each to take with us for times like this when a photo is required.

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