5 Reasons why we miss Haad Salad


Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these cool cats?

1) OUR AWESOME FRIENDS Alex and Heather came out to visit us for New Years. They came to keep us cheered up by flying halfway around the world from Vancouver. It was a blast to see them and catch up with what everyone’s doing in their lives back home. Even though it was sad to see them go, we’ve also started to get excited for when we can go home and hang out with them on a more regular basis!


The soft white sand stretching off into the crescent of the beach is like talcum powder.

2) PICTURE PERFECT BEACHES can be found here at Haad Salad. A huge bay with very little waves and super warm water surrounded by coral reefs, it’s makes for a postcard perfect picture. It’s easy to go sit in the water having a few drinks and pass the hours away. Also, the sand meets Dee’s “perfect beach” qualifications.


Haad Salad is one of the nicest on Koh Phanang

3) LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! The main full moon party happens down on the south end of Koh Phanang on a beach called Haad Rin. It’s the biggest town on the island and is dedicated pretty much to the backpacking crowd. This gives so many options to do whatever you’d like to do; lay around in a hammock all day, go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, shopping, eating, yoga, waterfalls.. pretty much anything you’d want to do you can find it on Koh Phanang. But during the full moon, half moon, black moon, etc, Haad Rin gets super busy with up to 50,000 people coming to dance on the beach for the parties. Because of this, we decided to stay at the opposite side of the island in Haad Salad. Even though everything was full, the beach here didn’t seem overcrowded by any means.


It’s really is as relaxing as it looks.

4) GOOD CHEAP ACCOMMODATIONS like My Way Bungalows are located farther North on the island because of the distance to the main town. But because they’re farther North they’re cheaper and with less people in general. It’s an ideal location. For $300 baht ($10) we got a decent sized well built bungalow with a fan, mosquito net, free wifi, and ensuite bathroom. Plus a hammock to lay in on the front porch. This is the kind of accommodation we were hoping for, where we could relax and was quiet, but we could still get to the main areas easily.


The BBQ fish was amazing!

5) GREAT FOOD, all within a small walking distance. Your right on the beach here, so seafood is everywhere. And it’s as fresh as you can get with the restaurants showing the days catch out front of their resteraunts. Look for the fish with the clear eyes, it means it hasn’t been sitting there a long time. A dinner with BBQ fish, mammoth sized prawns, rice, vegetables and salad was under $10 for both of us to eat. If you don’t want seafood, there is also a large variety of other great restaurants to choose from to tantalize your taste buds. We never had a bad meal here.


The 4 of us chilling at the Zion Reggae Bar.

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