3 Times We Felt Like Kings & Queens

Getting the opportunity to travel around the world to some sounds like something only the privileged get to experience. This however is not the case at all. We worked hard to be able to take off from our daily lives, saving loonies and toonies, and then worked even harder when we got back to get ourselves back on our feet again. During our travels everyone we met also had similar stories, not a single person was rich or famous. However, there were some times during our travels we actually did feel like Kings and Queens.

1) Living in Baden-Baden, Germany


We were very fortunate that Dee had relatives living in the spa town Baden-Baden, Germany. During our stay, Dee’s Aunt Barbara would often refer to her Uncle as “King Arthur”. We got quite a giggle out of this but as funny as it is, we could completely understand why. Aunt Barbara is an amazing host and if how she treated us during our entire stay is just a taste of what it’s like to live in their home, Dee’s Uncle Arthur is truly living like a King. We were also treated by her relatives all around the Black Forest area (with even quick drives over to France for dinner!) to enjoy an array of great sights, breath-taking views, delicious food, and top shelf wine/champagne/liquors/and beer. Some of it so good we can’t even eat or drink it back home anymore as it tastes like garbage. To top it all off, over Thanksgiving we had their apartment all to ourselves and were able to enjoy one of our trips highlights. Cooking our own traditional turkey dinner.

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2) A Dream Experience at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.


It all started after the extreme need for a drink after barely surviving the rollercoaster at Oktoberfest. A large group from Belgium invited us to sit at their table and we found out they were there for their annual Oktoberfest party paid for by their company. Our planned beer turned to many as they kept ordering round after round for the table. Next thing we knew the bill was fully paid for and our presence was demanded to join them for a private dinner. What a crazy night! The Belgians were so nice and fun to party with all night, the beers never stopped, the food was to die for, and we can’t forget about the schnapps! Did we ever feel like royalty that day!

3) Partying like Rock Stars on the Island of Sardinia, Italy.


Little did we know when we purchased our tickets to Sun and Bass 2009 that the venues used for all the events would feel like we were living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Seriously, who gets to go to a club with a pool and feel like you’re getting a private show of your favourite music artist? We did. Upon arrival to this pool club we decided to perch our group on the small platform in the middle of the pool. The stage setup was on the other side of the pool. There we enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and great music. Then, the act everyone came to see started, Jenna G live. She sung and danced a few songs by the stage and then started walking through the crowd. Next thing we knew she was heading to our platform and spent the rest of her performance right next to us. Everyone’s eyes at the party were on us now singing and dancing with Jenna G. There’s a thousand videos and photos taken from people across the world posted online and our group is in almost every single one.
Aside from the handful of times we had a bad day, felt sick, or just were not enjoying ourselves, we actually felt like Kings and Queens often during our travels. These are just a few of the moments that stand out the most. Hopefully one day we will get to do it all over again.

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