21 hour travel day, here we come…

Your favourite Canadians are flying home!
photo credit: Tiago Cabral

Today is the day we fly back to Canada. Can you believe it? It has been 305 days since we flew across the pond from Calgary, Alberta to Dublin, Ireland. Not quite a year like we originally planned, but in all honesty it is a perfect amount for us. We are feeling quite ready to head on home. Or at least to leave Asia, which we have been traveling through for the past 6 months. I feel like if we were heading to a different country (like Australia) we’d feel quite anxious and excited to keep on traveling. But, our funds are far past gone and it’s time to head on home.

Our Shambhala Music Festival countdown is on!
photo credit: The Village Stage

However our dreams have not traveled as far as they can go just yet! Coming home to Canada does not all mean back to the daily grind. Yes, we’ve made plans for ourselves to still “travel” or the next two months. Which I guess means we will be traveling for a year when all is said and done. What are our plans? Couch-surf at various friends and family, volunteer at the Shambhala Music Festival, and also camp across BC and Alberta in-between all of that. It’s going to be grand!

Oh poutine, how we miss thee!
photo credit: dfrtn

Our travel back home involves a total of 17 hours in the air. With 4 connections that means a grand total of a 21 hour travel day! Yikes! To think we used to moan at 9 hour days… Luckily we have our upcoming adventures to look forward to plus more! Thoughts of great Alberta Beef steaks, homemade hamburgers, true Canadian style BBQ anything, cheap sushi, poutine, bagels and cream cheese, brushing our teeth with tap water, wasting time with friends, high speed internet and always working wifi, two laptops, our cats, dancing to amazing music pounding out of the best sound system in the world (unlike this one), camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, feeling the love from our families, not having sub-titles at the movies and on TV, fresh salads, cooking for ourselves, wheat beer, the list goes on and on….. I’m sure all these thoughts will help our gruesome travel home pass right on by.

So, maybe by the time your read this we will be in the air or even with our feet back on good old Canadian soil. To our friends and family… we will see you real soon!!!

Now back to our regular scheduled posts. Remember, we are still a few months behind in sharing our tales! Look forward to these upcoming adventures and more!

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